JNCOs Mess, who wants them?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gunnerea, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. We have a JNCO's mess at my regt. I do not know of a single JNCO who enjoys being a part of it. The fact that it is an illegal mess and yet we are still forced to pay up or lose rank. Disgusting. Hopefully somebody of sufficient rank will see this and do something about them.
  2. They used to be a place where you could have a cracking laugh. There was a Cpls Mess at RAF Bruggen and the mess commitee used to get pi55ed off royally because LCpls were entitled to use it but the crabs were all full screws. Made us laugh.
  3. They used to be a place where you could have a cracking laugh. There was a Cpls Mess at RAF Bruggen and the mess commitee used to get pi55ed off royally because LCpls were entitled to use it but the crabs were all full screws. Made us laugh. Also when I was at an AAC unit in Suffolk some fullscrew with his head up his own arse proposed a separate dining facility for JNCOs. Both the idea and the twat who proposed it were laughed out of the room.
  4. I know I am going to regret this but why is this an illegal mess?

    Not planning on becoming a SNCO then? That would really screw your life up.
  5. Being REME as a LCPL and then Cpl in the 90's I was in a number of Cpl Messes with RA, Engineers and REME Battalion over the years. Even though a lot of people complained and said they didnt want one when it came to functions and dinner nights really enjoyed themselves. Enjoy it while you have a chance and use it as a step up to the Sgts mess where the experience you gain in the Cpls mess will be valuable as not all soldiers have the opportunity of a Cpls mess. I see a lot of new members of the sgts mess who have never been in a mess before due to their units and it shows.

  6. Its the blokes that make the Mess.

    Would you all rather just sit in your single man rooms playing on an XBox or would you prefer to socialise in an environment where chaps and chapesses can let their hair down without worrying what the little darlings are thinking of you or them kicking off?

    As has been said, it's a stepping stone for being a bit more prepared to be a SNCO. You do realise that being a JNCO and SNCO is more than just having a few more quid a day dont you?

    Hopefully you as a JNCO will see this and do something about it.

    Got any references where it states that it's an illegal Mess? Or are you yet another one of the new breed of 'I know my rights, self, self, self' NCOs?
  7. Well said Lord Flasheart it doesnt matter if its JNCO mess or SNCO mess or what unit your at 'Its the blokes that make it'.
  8. Belonged to a fantastic Screw's Mess in Soest and would echo the above poster's comments about the members of the mess making it work. Is this mess in the UK or overseas? The weekends home situation in the UK could very quickly undermine any desire and sap the soul that a mess thrives on.
  9. Stop fcuking whinging and get in the mess.

    Leave all your little private buddies to do their own thing in the pigs bar and start talking to your peers.

    Start putting something in to the mess and soon enough you will get more from it, not to mention helping in the running of the mess and instilling some pride back in to the junior ranks.

    If you feel you can not do this, don't bother handing your tapes in, just hand in your 1157 and do one.
  10. Was thinking the same thing, I've been out for 5 years now and I remember the screws mess being a good laugh!

    It's probably crap because it's full of boring tossers like you!
  11. You should see the Mess as a stepping stone to getting on in your job. All jobs have steeping stones even in civvie street. You do well in your job you get the credit in the form of promotion, make the most out of it when you can.
  12. Never been to a bad one, must echo above post with the RAF, I was based at Scampton as a Lance Jack and they hated every minute we were in there, hence being there every night! ;)
  13. I suppose my mess was alright on some camps, we do have a combined mess where Officers and NCOs do mix, the only downside was that you had to watch what you were saying as it could reflect on yourself on the parade ground,If given the opportunity (as at last camp went TWICE in an Indian restaurant and pubs, Okehampton, 9/10) I would like to go to town and get pissed without worrying about dress codes, mess etiquettes, bar chitties, not upsetting the PMCs, silly mess games, I could go on, moderation in all things is what I say, some nights in Mess and some nights in Town a mix of the two during camp will do you good.
  14. Ok,ok. I have had time to read your replies ref the mess. It seems to me that the general concensus is that the mess depends on the lads who belong to it. I think in hindsight you are all correct. However, on the one hand, yes it's good to get the lads together in order for ppl to gel and so improving cohesion within the regt (and have a laugh). But on the other hand do you not think there should be at least a choice to enable the JNCO's who do not wish to a part of it to not go. Thus halting the possible undermining of the ethos surrounding the said mess. I think it is always good to listen to other ppls opinions and as i said earlier i can now see where you are all coming from, and i will now endevour to improve the atmosphere. I think the reason behind the undermining however is the attitude that signing off is "cool", this is certainly the impression that i get from the lower ranks. I just wish they would realise that sometimes the grass isn't always greener.

    Thanks for your time

  15. You don't have to live in the mess.

    I have to admit I don't go to my mess that often when compared to others. Not through choice but through the fact I live away from camp. If I was within walking distance and not £10 - 20 (depending on when I leave) taxi trip away I would use it more. Even then I often end up sleeping in the workshop on a camp cot.

    I am pretty sure all they are asking of you is to turn up to what? A monthly mess meeting/drinking session and the maybe a monthly formal or informal do.

    Is this that big a hardship? I would certainly expect them to be three line whips.

    As for the "signing off is cool" culture, what can we do. Read Hi grounds posts for graphic demonstration. I have advocated instant removal of certain sign off personnel.

    I am sure the "coolness" of signing off would be eroded, if instead of a 12 month holiday of jackness (in some cases!!!) they were out of the camp by sundown. Paid till the end of the month on full wages, then 2 more on entrant level.

    Or soldier on like a good troop for the 12 months.

    Seems fair to me.