JNCOs Drill Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Shadow4, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone done this course lately??

    Those that have, what is the kit list? Is it Number 2 dress or combat 95's? Ammo boots or Assault boots etc etc

    Many Thanks
  2. You'll get a kitlist with your joining instructions! This'll get sent to you direct from the AADW (that's if things haven't changed.... 92 was a looooong time ago!)
  3. Yeah I understand that....

    But I would like to know before I get the instructions which will inevitably the week before I have to go
  4. Both CBT 95 and 2s you will wear 2s most of the times when teaching lessons Quality course make sure your in the bar every night cost me a fortune
  5. I'm sure I can manage being in the bar every night...probably the easiest part of the course.... 8)
  6. If it's the Basic Drill Instructors Short Course (i.e. for TA) then it's C95 only... and very shiny boots!!!.... and a sturdy liver!

    Enjoy... It's a great course. Say hi to the hedge for me!
  7. Did it in April. C95`s only and a spare liver!
  8. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why!!! argghhhh

  9. Huh???

    When did that one start?

    I thought the TA one was the 2 week All Arms Drill Instructor - Attention to Detail - I LEFT YOU IN THIS POSITION... Stand Still Course!

    I have heard of TA chaps doing the cerimonial week on the Reg course.
  10. What is the minimum rank requirement for this course then?
  11. Woah sweet child o' mine, get your tape first man... I mean it's probably well on it's way anyway, but calm down. :wink:

    Hmm I need a course this year mind... and a promotion would be nice (please boss, if you read this).
  12. I can't think of one TA bloke who has done it, not even of the recruiting side of things, TA don't often / ever get dragged into ceremonial dutys aprat from rememberance day so why bother with a drill pigs course. One day of it on the Cpl course in Blanny is enough for anyone !!
  13. You can't beat a bit of drill - good for the soul. Plus we need more drill pigs so that we don't look like a total shower of cack every rememberance day! We only march about 200 metres with an eyes left in the middle and everytime we end up with 17 different steps! (I was papping myself prior to the VE/VJ parade in Leeds 'cause I thought it would be an embarrasment but that worked quite well as we had a band to march behind so we didn't loose the step.)
  14. Can you be a lance jack to go on the course? I fancy annoying people so it's drill or PTI... or both :twisted: :twisted:

    T C
  15. My S/Mjr has done it and says it was one of the best courses he ever attended, loads of port loads of beastings (get your head in the hedge etc) but well worth it, he told me minimum rank is corporal as the give you a local so you can go in the sgts mess, is this correct anyone?

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