JNCO to Officer, what are the chances?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. What is required to become an officer from the ranks (JNCO)? It's something that's crossed my mind, I certainly want to pursue it at some point.

    But as a 2nd tour LCpl what can be achieved realistically within our glorious Corps? If my face doesn't fit would I be f@cked off?

    That sort of thing.
  2. Well my fellow arrser,

    Most JNCO who wish to go for a commision from the Corps usually end up in the RLC. Its not that they are not good enough for the Corps, its just that the Corps is very heavily over applied for and they can pick and choose whoever they want. Don't take this as a sligt but alot of the DE officers can have quite alot to offer the Corps and will beat you to the few available slots. However, by the very fact that you are a member of the Corps, you obviously have something between the ears, therefore you may find one of the larger Corps' such as the RLC will welcome you with open arms. You have a couple of other options, either commision into another Corps then transfer back later (The Corps accepts transferee officers aswell) or wait until you reach the dizzy heights of WO2 and apply for an LE commision (Then start back on the bottom rung of the ladder again). My advice to you is, if you want a commision, don't hold back on your ambitions and go for it. You may need to look a bit farther afield then Chicksands however.
  3. Well that's a damn shame since I particularly enjoy life within the Corps. It's something I'll ponder over more. Thanks eye_spy.
  4. If your own chain of command are prpeared to put you forwards, there have been prescedents for JNCOs ( under 25?) getting recommended for RMAS.

    If you are not that bothered about becoming the Director or Div comd, you might just like to stop and think what sort of professional grounding you might gain from 22 years in the ranks.

    As I was leaving it was becoming possible for en Ex ranker to serve up to OF6 - full Colonel.
  5. While I cannot speak for your Corps from personal experience, I had a couple of lads in my first troop in the Gunners go for a Commission. One passed and loved it and is still serving (I think). The other lad failed the selection at RCB and was rather annoyed so he quit at the first opportunity. On my course at RMAS there were several soldiers who were going for the Commission and they were all switched on and good lads. Being a trained soldier means the first term at RMAS (where most people fail) is almost a walk in the park. 2nd and 3rd terms tend to be more intellectual, but that shouldn't trouble anyone of moderate IQ (otherwise how did I get through?).

    If you want to do it, then do it quickly. If you are too old, then sorry, but you have to do it the old fashioned way via all the ranks!

    As for life as an ex-Tom who becomes an officer, I have never seen it discriminated against or remarked upon in an officers' mess with anything but respect (with the exception of a certain tw@t who was trying to be more Guards and RHA than the Guards/RHA/Cav themselves, and he was soon slapped into shape).

    As for getting back into your own Corps, yes it can be done but is hard. As mentioned earlier, your capbadge does tend to recruit the most academically able of officers: though they often lack any 'common'! :) At RMAS you can apply to any regiment that takes your fancy (but you must also take theirs). So if you are not fluent in another language (Cantonese after 10 pints doesn't count), or do not possess a degree, then speak to one of your own Corps' recruiting officers and ask his opinion.

    Good luck.
  6. I'd say pretty high, except for the Corps you're already serving in!

    Although there is one major out there that was commissioned in another Corps and then transferred back to ours.

    As far as I believe an LE officer can still reach the rank of full Col. To be honest, if you join as a DE officer then the best you're likely to reach is only 1 rank higher. Although the previous D Int has proved that Gen rank can be reached.
  7. Apparently, there is one former Int Corps JNCO that went on to get commissioned and has done quite well for himself. I think his name was Gen. Mike something-or-other...
  8. I would not wish to question your ability to gain a commission but I wonder is this solely your own idea or has someone else suggested it or mentioned the possibility in your annual report. I only ask as I had not considered the idea at all until the Brigadier at 11 Armd Bde took it upon himself to write to my new OC when I left his unit and suggest I be put forward for the RCB. I was interested but baulked at the idea of potentially having to join another Corps, then fecked up my next CR anyway (another story).

    If I am honest there have been times when I have wondered how I would have done, tinged with an element of regret for not at least trying, so if you are interested, and good enough, I would urge you to go for it.

    If you do get accepted keep in touch with the Board so I can gain some vicarious pleasure from your experiences. :wink:
  9. A friend in the Corps recently started the process as was possitively encouraged to go for a commission with the Corps. From what he said, this is the norm, unless you are a complete throbber. If it's what you want, go for it.