JNCO Re-enlistment Bounty - £6K

To all out there seeking re-enlistment in to the infantry:

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CC1 said:
Rejoin Bounty (RJB) Policy.

The RJB is available for eligible soldiers rejoining certain OPP trades and Infantry LCpls recommended for promotion and Cpls who are Section Commanders Battle Course (SCBC) qualified. Additionally a reduced RJB is available to all other eligible Inf and to RA rejoiners. The RJB remains at £6000 before tax for all OPP and Inf SCBC qualified LCpls recommended for promotion and Cpls; for other Inf personnel the RJB will be £1900 before tax. The minimum commitment for soldiers rejoining the Army is 3 years. Take-up of the bounty is to be proactively encouraged. The role of units and in particular RCMOs will be critical in encouraging rejoins. Individuals who are potential rejoins should be contacted and sent a letter of outlining the incentives for rejoining.
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