JNCO Promotions

Just wondering why there's so much controvosy about the juniors boards this year. Is it really a joke or are we full of bitter guys who think they're better than they actually are?
For those who got promoted I say well done and for those who didn't tough sh*t try harder. But I still think they should do a cadre before they get promoted.
or perhaps there are some really good blokes who got Fcuked again.

Best LCpl in Squadron and doesn't pick up? Whats wrong with that.

who on earth could you mean?, not that fella who has a brother in the same regt as he?. i believe he is a close friend of both the Rso and former RSMI who can still be heard to scream his name now lol!!!
Ah good to see black pearl covering his tracks well as willy wonker!!!
I am very out of touch, but being a former JNCO in this fine Corps it good to see nothing has changed with regard to bitching and moaning! Best of luck to those who got promoted. However, I did read the comment about not doing a cadre and still getting promoted. I personally think that is poor and hopefully doesnt reflect in the quality of 'full screws' the AAC was once renown for having! Regards to those who know me. Ex 661, 651, 672
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