JNCO Messes systematically wiped out

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Screw_The_Nut, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. JNCO Messes systematically wiped out by Sodexo (et al) contracts. From charging ridiculous amounts for drinks (some places I've seen up to £2 for one can of larger - when you can buy it for half the price from supermarkets), to imposing ridicilous rules on opening hours, entertainment, staffing, even what TV you are allowed to watch.

    As a result hardly anyone attends them anymore, and it's destroying unit cohesion at lower ranks throughout the British Army. The top brass are obviously happy with this, I presume? Who needs a Mess when we aren't going to have any blokes in another couple of years, eh boys?
  2. I apologise in advance, we have different views on the subject - probably because in my JR days we didn't have a separate JNCO Mess.

    Destroying or encouraging cohesion at lower ranks? Presumably there's still a JR bar (previously known as NAAFI), intended for all ranks but often made OOB to SNCOs and officers. I can understand the sense in separating Privates from Corporals in a training establishment, but not in a typical barracks. The smallest unit is a section (or fire team if you must) which comprises Privates and Corporals. What better method of encouraging unit cohesion than to put them in the same Mess?

    It's really down to cost. Sodexho can staff a JR bar for the same cost as your Privates bar and there'll be that allowance in their contract. Your Cpls Mess probably isn't allowed for as a separate entity in their contract, so they've got to pay for bar staff and cleaning etc out of the bar profits. If it's any consolation, it's likely that the Privates are subsidising your Cpls Mess with higher beer prices than they'd be charged if you all used the same premises.
  3. As for opening hours, longer hours means extra staff costs because they're outside the contract - i.e. there'll be no subsidy. It's less of a problem in the SNCOs and Officers Messes because the overtime will end up in the Mess bill.

    Additionally, the hours will be dictated by your CO. He may also have a say on which channels you can watch on TV. That's stuff that depends on your (collective) behaviour.

    You want more, you pay more. And it only takes one doughnut to screw it for everybody else.
  4. If you are paying mess fees, then you should have/use the mess. It is a step on the road to being a SNCO and JNCOs have to start to distance themselves from their men and become managers.

    I can imagine a few illicit drinking dens springing up. 11 Sqn in Iserlohn had a good one in the attic.
  5. Blokes in general don't drink anymore.

    Most bllokes save it till the weekend... and drive back to whence they were recruited.
  6. Welcome to PAYD, those ***** ******* killed everything
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  7. But some whining fcuk pigs who lived on pot noodle in the block and left before PAYD was rolled out were happy.
  8. Yeah the fat **** fectards who lived on remedials and microwave burgers. I'm a pad now, where's my free beans?
  9. I can beat that, £2.30 for a warm can of carling at a mess do last year! According to the Sodexo manager this is in line with their contract which states they can make 55% profit on the junior ranks bar! Luckily we've got a good mess committee and they've found a work around. At mess meetings they sell raffle tickets for £1, a can of lager is bought for every ticket and given as a consolation prize to all entrants and half the change is given to charity and the other half to the winner!

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  10. Most of the ones I'm thinking about were thin... and generally friendless.
  11. Better off making a 'Privates Club', they could all chip in for the monthly costs (keeping it to practically fcuk all probably) and beer sold at cost + 5%.

    Give teh PMC to HQ Sgt Maj, organise a monthly bop, a Christmas dinner and a Summer Bar bQ.

    I thnk contracts were taken on under the delusion that they had a captive market. Sub-Unit and Regt'l bars were never teh 'main' bar of the night.
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I for one am shocked and outraged by this!
  13. Pretty sure the PAYD contract means you can't have any non-PAYD drinking establishments, cafes or anything else on camp so a 'Private's Club' or any other cheap drinking hole on camp is a non-starter (unless you have 'off camp' facilities like the control tower/501 Club at 30 Sigs) except the Sodhexo (other groups of ***** are available) controlled messes.