just a quick question to clarify an argument just wondering what is clased as formal dress for a mess meeting ie what should be worn and what should not.
Formal dress is when you wear a tie with your tracksuit bottoms and t shirt
whatever your unit dictates, normally something f*ckin hideous. one place we had polo shirts this place its shirt an tie. Speak to your other mess members
If you have to ask in this forum - you shouldn't be eligible to attend
A quick guide:

Formal - Mess Kit/Black Tie/Ankle length dresses for ladies *.

Lounge Suit - can be 2 or 3 piece *.

Jacket & Tie - Jacket & Tie *.

Smart Casual - Shirt with collar, trousers/chinos but no denim or cord jeans.

Casual - tidy but no ripped denim.

Scruff order - anything else.

* No white socks (unless you're an ECM Operator!)

Hope this helps.
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