I am a full screw currently posted out in Kenya for 6 months.

I was selected and promoted almost a year ago whilst I was on another posting so my time only in battalion was only a couple of months before getting shipped out here as TDS.

Im lead to believe you should complete your CLM PT 1 by the end of the year before you’re awarded your substantive rank.

My concern is I have has no opertunity for this as I’ve gone from posting to posting where no courses have been ran in the short time I was back at unit.

I contacted my RCMO and he told me not to worry to much about it. But I can’t help but do so if there’s a potential of dropping back down to lance jack and loosing pay ect.

I’ve sent follow up emails ect but heard nothing back.

Should I be worried?

Would I have to go through the whole selection board all over again?

Will I loose my pay?

I feel like I’ve done everything I can but feels like nobody cares to much as I’m out here.

Can anybody enlighten me?

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