War Hero
If anyone can give me a definitive answer on this I would be eternally grateful.

I did my JCC(CLM Part 1) at Chatham last year before the new fan-dangled workbook based study came out.

Due to Operational commitments I never managed to get Pt 2 in before THE CHANGE. So I tried to get a workbook and onto a cse 6 months later.

One AEC told me that I didn't have to do the workbook and another said I did and to get it from Chatham.

Chatham then told me I don't need to do it I need to book onto a "Old style" course.

Tried to book onto an Old Style Cse and lo and behold they told me I need a workbook.

So any Info or anyone who could shed some light on WHO!!! would be able to help me would be fantastic, as no-one at my place knows and there are 3 of us in the same boat.

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