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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Deathfromabove, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Do all jnco's in the army have to do a cadre and if so are they all infantry based :(
  2. All inf JNCO's do a in house cadre course resulting in becoming eligible for promotion.
  3. I know the infantry do one but do the corps all have to do the same type of one??? :?
  4. RE do.
  5. 1 Div did a in house Cadre course a few months ago, was meant to be just those that had a good chance of promotion but because of tours ended up being just about all of the siggis in the regiment
  6. All JNCO's do a cadre for promotion, however the content will differ depending on the Corps, or Arm. The CLM phase should be the same across the board, however the specialist to arm section will vary dependant on the cap badge. My JNCO cadre did include some infantry style things, however had there have been anyone from the infantry on it the probably would have found it highly amusing. Although it was sufficient to enable myself and my colleagues to survive in the field with our infantry colleagues should the need arise.

  7. CO's cardre course isnt compulsary for promotion within the royal signals. however JCLM is compulsary once promoted to full screw.

    Am on my cardre course on mon, looks like its going to be mainly infantry skils from wat ive heard of the guys who have done it before.
  8. My bold. JCLM is compulsory to qualify for promotion to full screw.
  9. yea tottaly correct, jclm is compulsary for substansive rank to be achieved.

    if thier a time limit between been recomended and completing the course?
  10. 2 years I believe.
  11. Yes, it is similar. Only in the RAMC, they don't do a 'In House' course. When I was in, it was called a JMQC (Junior Management Qualification Course). This covered you up to the rank of A/Sgt, then you had to sit the SMQC to cover you up to the rank of WO1.
  12. even us tankies do 1 of them things the biggest load of sh*te going.Tankie meaning RAC.
  13. the RA do it too
  14. one of the lads on our most recent jnco cadre started wagging his finger at some ramdom guy in trakkies whist in the que for scoff, even told the fella to wind his neck in!

    unlucky for the now named private for life turns out the scouser lookilikee was a WO1 :pissedoff:
  15. you say ONLY IN THE RAMC but my reg, in the RAC did theirs in house

    interesting where you get your info from??