Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Maggs84, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. I have been put forward to attend this course could anyone in the know please give me a heads up on what the course intails as i would like to be prepared before i attend.

    Thanks all
  2. Cant speak for the TA cadre in particular but preparation is good if you have time...

    Get yourself a TAM from your Training Wing library. Buy a Nirex and some lumi-pens and go here as you'll want to take some of them. Although the DS will probably dish out their own.

    Try and get a basic understanding of orders processes and section battle drills. Learn the pneumonics such as PRESAR. Learn the headings of a warning order. Methods of target indication, Types of fire control order.

    Brush up on your military skills - navigation and NBC (remember the chemical safety rule), what are the symptoms of nerve agent poisoning? Marksmanship principles, weapons knowledge. BCD etc.

    Also worth pre-preparing a short lesson.

    You'll get taught this stuff, but you'll be expected to have put some work in yourself before hand.

    Get fit and prepare for pain and sleep deprivation!
  3. GET FIT its orders and section attacks and map reading if your infantry.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    So they have put you forward and not told you what to expect?

    Perhaps this is the first test of your initiative?

    Ask your Pl Sgt.

  5. All of the above is good!
    It'll all depend on what unit you are with. If you are infantry prepare for the course of a lifetime up in Brecon, I really enjoyed mine but that was a rather long time ago. Lot's of attacks, TEWTs, orders and patrols.
    I did another with the REME about 7 years ago, when I rejoined and it contained lots of patrols and orders process. But also had an element of delivering lessons, taking drill and a few navigation exercises.

    My advice tis to make sure all your kit is in good order. Boots are well broken in, everything is packed in the right place and you are sure you can put a basha up and put on a brew in about 60 seconds!!
    Get fit - then you can concentrate on what you are being taught rather than trying to get your breath back!
    Make sure you don't have any injuries before you go!
    Swat up on PRESAR, SADCHAP, PACESSDO and all the other things that you might need.

    When you are on the course, don't hang back you are there to show that you are worthy of promotion not that you can keep your mouth shut and play the grey man!! be at the front of the CFT's etc, but don't piss off the DS!!

    Good luck and enjoy one of the best courses you'll ever do!
  6. So they have put you forward and not told you what to expect?

    Perhaps this is the first test of your initiative?

    Ask your Pl Sgt.


    Its not til later this year im sure there will be a prep weekend im just getting a bit of a heads up.
  7. Cheers all this is exactly what i was looking for.
    Also does anyone recommend any extra kit that will prove useful im not infantry so any suggestions i would appreciate.
  8. What are you? PM if you want. It should all be generic soldiering stuff anyway.



    http://www.johnbullclothing.com/products.asp?ID=862 (Be nice to chief clerk. You want permanent and non-permanent)


    http://www.johnbullclothing.com/products.asp?ID=2155 (From stores - and practice with it)

    You can get a wheel thing for measuring distance on maps. They're good if you can find one.



    http://www.johnbullclothing.com/products.asp?ID=703 (Stores? You'll get one of these when you're there, probably)

    Unless you are in Catterick, compare here too: http://www.rvops.co.uk/

    Best thing for model kits is to get amongst your JNCOs and ask what they do or if you can borrow one. Fcuk spending a tenner if you can help it. I made mine although it is a ball-ache.
  9. msr

    msr LE

  10. WTF is SADCHAP?
    Or are I one for asking?
  11. on the subject of model kits, yes i did read the arrsepedia entry, i just used the dkp bottles with different coloured paints and items from nature when delivering my set of orders in the field, this was a god send when i was watching one of the lads briefing and he got bumped, the first thing that went was his nice little set of monoploy houses and ribbons. kicked all over the ulu. he then had to cuff it with model kit for the remaining of the ex. i wouldn't go over the top in terms of kit, you'il only end up carrying it all, lets face it, its human nature.
    for the field phase i took loads of stickies, pot noodles etc. wet wipes for washing and clean socks, wore wat i was standing up in for the whole ex, except spare t-shirt, took a softie for the night. in terms of sleeping, we only took four per section as we hot bedded it between stags, patrols etc.
    the rest of the course was made up of lessons on orders, map reading, drill, pt, command tasks etc.
    my best bit of advice is to get round your muckas who have done the course before and try and master the art of reading a TAM. i was lucky as my mate had done both junior and senior brecon so got loads of pointers of him. overall enjoy
    last tip, i used one of them lazer pointers for delivering lessons and briefings, it was quite hndy and very small to carry.
  12. Wish I'd had that back then...
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  14. When you write on the cards, write (the same thing!) on both sides, that way you can read them too, and don't look like a twonk in front of the rest of the section.
    If you are taking pre printed cards, also take a load of blanks, as you can gaurantee that you'll lose "2 Section" or something when you need it most.
    Ribbons are fine, but unless placed firmly, can blow away or move, especially if the bloke making the model is a bit of numpty, and you're too busy writing out your orders to notice. (Edit- although you should check the model has been created to your satisfaction prior to the orders are delivered).
    If your going to use powders, you only really need white/grey and blue, create a little trench with your fingertips so the powder lies in the bottom of it, and then go over the powder afterwards and tamp it down with your fingers. This way it will stay in place even in the rain.
    As said, use nature to provide your model kit as much as possible, i.e. if you are trying to create a coniferous wood, send an oik out to cut a pine branch off a suitable tree, cut the branch into smaller 'trees' (height will depend on your model scale - 2-3 inches should do), strip the lower inch and stab into model, looks great but can be time consuming, unless you have some good lads working for you.

    You will get lots of advice, have a practice in the TAC on your training nights and work out what's best for you. Ultimately you are trying to create a model of the land the patrol are going to be crossing, if you tell them in the orders that RV2 is on the corner of a coniferous plantation at the bottom of the valley with a stream flowing N to S past them, they need to see it on the model. That way they will have more chance of remembering it when on the ground.
  15. To do with siting a workshop.

    Size, access, defence, concealment, hardstanding, accomodation and position

    I've got to admit I had to "phone a friend" for the last P ! :)