JNCO Cadre and Command Leadership & Management (CLM) for TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lighthorseman, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Has anyway heard anything more about the Army's intention to introduce CLM to the TA? I attended a workshop at ULOTC last year and have not heard a thing since.

    Related to that, my regiment recently incorporated some EOs/TOs from the regular JNCO CLM into the JNCO Cadre. Seemed to work OK.

    What sort of format do your unit JNCO Cadre's take? Ours is usually a weekend course.
  2. RSigs TA

    two weeks for both Cpls and Sgts (currently SSgts) @ Blandford delivered on the Det Comds and Sgts courses
  3. 2weeks at catterick covering teaching,coaching,bit of drill,orders process
    patrols and section attacks. Ta cft ,bpfa.And beastings at every opptunity
    (well ta beastings any way ) Bergans full of stuff you wouldnt normally carry
    as is webbing .
  4. Our RSigs LCpls cadre is one weekend in the field. Lessons and very basic patrolling.
  5. The RauxAF send their JNCO's on the regs course at RAF Halton
  6. Same regt as Pickle

    LCpl Cadre one weekend in field, usually consists of one days lessons, patrols, fire and manoeuvre, rection to effective fire etc. Orders . Map appreciation, battle pt, then move to location set up harbour area establish routine, recce patrols and then get bumped in the morning, after that cft and degunge.

    Cpl Cadre, same a LCpl except you will e expected to give orders andbe 1ic or 2 ic at some point. More effort expected. Then to Blandford for 2 weeks Dettys course as laid out in their book , which I believe changed last year.

    Of course completing any cadre is in no way an indication that promotions will actually take place
  7. But those weekends (34 also do one for Sgts aswell) is not CLM. CLM will delivered in every branch of the TA at Cpl, Sgt and WO levels.

    It may also be the tip of the iceberg, we accept soldiers at a educational level below what we need. In the regulars this is no problem as the training brings them upto the required levels, we don't do this in the TA.

    Just think One Army - Gawd knows what bright idea is gonna come to the fore to solve the above problem.

  8. When I joined up one thing I asked for was not to do my Lance Jacks or Full screw courses again as I don't think I could handle another 6 weeks with a lunatic paratrooper PTI, then the concept of weekend courses was explained.

    Not knocking the time period for the course as such, I understand the TA's restriction of time, but why not a week ?
  9. Woody, I hear you man. I fecking hated mine, being beasted around and generaly knacked all the time.

    One weekend sounds great, I might join the sigs. How hard can it be?
  10. And we wonder why the Regs treat us as second class citizens? One weekend in no way cuts it to deliver JNCO's of any degree of competence. My own potential JNCO was 4 weekends in the field which just about adequate for some people. Subsequent promotion depended on your course report and performance. Next step up was covered by a 2 weeek TA version of Junior Brecon.

    Perhaps I'm too long in the tooth now but it appears that with the current dearth of numbers staying long enough to be promoted are we just playing Buggins turn nowadays? :evil:
  11. Only this one Sigs Regt does this and really its only an independent assesment of a soldiers ability, the actual training happens elsewhere.
  12. So what happens with the rest of 11 and 2NC?

    In my experience most soldiers are welcome to attend the cadres, however it's only worth while if the right people in your squadron have been making the right noises and think you're close to being good JNCO material.
  13. Check your ArmyNet EMail
  14. SA k

    edit: My e-mail was forwarding to an account that appears to have died without warning.
  15. Rounds complete