Just found this on the TA board and I realised we've never had this as a topic on here.

Its such an interesting and entertaining subject, I'm truely looking forward to revising it tonight. I find using the stamps to be the best bit, I've been looking for some DPM stamps but I can't find any - I asked our YoS but he told me to 'fcuk off u pizzed up cnut and if u flash in the commcen I'm gonna kill ya'.
Pointing out petty mistakes on the FMed 266 and demanding they're corrected is also fun but not in the same way, but the girls seem to love it.

Anyone got any truely funny JMH or COMMCEN jokes :?: :?: or amazingly interesting stories

b4 anyone takes me seriously, I am taking the pizz.
I know what you mean............

The only fun thing we ever did was alter some settings on the 615 and put the whole brigade into NBC black, that was during the good old days when the wall was still up :roll:
I'll shed a tear when its gone, this modern new fangled email stuff can't replace it.
At least they keep it alive in the 2-1 exams and also glad the practical JMH test on skills we still do has been ditched.
I remember once being very bored on shift in the Commcen. The girl on receive was due to get married to a guy who was soon to be posted to Blandford, and she was fighting tooth and nail to be posted with him.

I thought it would be a laugh to knock up a signal on the message switch posting her somewhere a good few hours drive from Blandford, so i decided to post her to Hohne.

Knocked up the signal and tx'd it to the receive printer, thinking she would have a bit of a fit, gob off then i would let her know it was a joke, have a laugh and get on with life.

No. She jumps up, signal in hand and runs out of the door. Bloody hell thinks boney, what has she gone and done. Turns out she ran straight to the Adjt who had been dealing with her posting request for her. Adjt gets straight on the phone to records to sort it, Records know nothing about it.

Long and short of it, Girl sees the funny side and is able to drop it, Adjt, YofS and Tp SSgt dont and i do alot of guards.

No sense of humour some people.



Many a spoof posting order has been perf'd up in the commcen. Just a pity she thought she could go straight to the Adjt to deal with it. An experienced Op would have just sent a spoof signal back cancelling it. Did see one backfire though when we did one for the old RAOC posting a chef to Fallingbostal, when he told his missus she packed her bags and done one! Ooops

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