JLRRE C Sqn Sept 1966

I had a great chat last night with Dave Murphy and although he sounds gruffer, he is still the same old, as he kept repeating, "WE are now all 56", WE have to make a real effort to get together.
Looks like Blackpool next year and Dave has heard that there is to be a special at Dover Castle in 09.
Can anyone out there shed any light on Andy 'Badger' Garrett? I heard as other that he was killed in an RTA, but Dave had said he heard Badge was in Africa, does anyone know?
Trev Knight and Tom Wallace are just a few more names we discussed, I told Dave that Bernie Cusworth was the last time I saw him in the Police in Hull and Terry Wood a copper too in East Yorkshire.
I was saddened to hear that John 'Hoppy' Hopwood was killed in Bosnia, a nice guy, HEY, we ALL were and in almost all cases, still are!.. :)

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