Hello: I was in Wingate Troop from 69 - 71 and I left for 39 Regt in Sennelager. Did a quick tour at Buckingham Palace with 12th LAD first and got to nick a couple of souveniers, which I later lost. Bramcote turned out some of the best soldiers in the Army and young lads today probably wouldn't put up with what we did, none of us knew much better. I actually thought daily ass kickings were normal army life. I'm retired US Navy now and I think I was a better sailor than a soldier. Twenty years in the World's Most Exclusive Yacht Club (US Navy) was all due to the training I got at JLRRA Bramcote. Sorry to see the place close and I understand there are Shellbacks occupying the barracks now. Anyone remember Provo Joe aka Sgt Finch, he was one mean piece of inhumanity, guy should be tried at the Hague or something. A lot of the PS didn't like being stationed with Juniors (jealosy I think). Still trying to track down Stef Rez (I want to forward his army stripes to him, God knows how I ended up with them), also Baz Howard, Tim Martyn (answer your email Tim please), and any other of the lads in Wingate. I'm at (EMAIL SENT BY PM(MOD INSERT)) , photo below is Wingate Troop and the other one is Sennelager (Hell I thought we had it rough in Sennelager, look at these guys!). I honestly think I learned more in two years as a Junior than a whole career in the Yank Navy. One of these days I plan on taking a trip back to Bramcote and see if I can get a tour of the place as it is now. Thanks all and glad to see there are still Gunners out there who remember the Old Days.

Bill 'Jock' Young
Provost Sgt Finch?

Don't get me started about Joe Finch,.......................well all right here goes! :D

As I was in the band we had to go back during block leave to play at the Victoria Palace in London (1967) for a show in aid of SAAFA, well it all went well apart from a mate of mine dropping one of his drum sticks in front of some minor royalty who through the passage of time I have forgotten her name.
We met Harry Seacombe (great bloke) and Rolf Harris (enough to give anyone PTSD) but when we returned about a week later we found that our Jnr Sergeants bunk (Hornby Troop) had been broken into and his stash of LP's had been nicked. I was told in Belfast on taking over from another regiment who nicked them a full 6 years after it happened.
Anyway lets get back to Joe Finch, I was duly called to the guardroom to see if I could throw any light on the situation as it had happened in my troop when I was ushered into his office where the lights were turned out and his table lamp was shone into my face and the "interview" began, to say I wondered if I would ever get out alive is an understatment........................

"All right son we know you did it!........................would you like a cigertte?" This continued all evening and I was then put into a cell.

I managed to get out after a number of hours when our PS Sgt enquired where I had got to, for a 16 year old it was at the time a frightening experiance but it did prepare me for marrige in later life for if you are still alive Joe I would like to thank you!

Junior Sergeant Billy Moyes of Hornby Troop if you are reading this I know who nicked your records (according to a bloke in 2nd Field) PM me and I will tell you the tea leafs name.
I was in Londonderry in '74 and they had a collection for Finch's retirement and were soliciting all the ex-Jnrs for donations. Over the years I have wondered if he was just 'Old School' or a plain nasty piece of work. He's probably dead by now so I'll never know. I didn't contribute and never met anyone who did. Thanks,

I have been trying to add photos but the server seems to have maxed out, sorry.

Jock - Rainy Maryland, USA
Joe was actually terrorising as far back as 1962 when my older brother went to Bramcote, your post has reminded me about being sent back to change my socks after being inspected at the guardroom on a Saturday night cos they were the wrong colour and did not appear on the my civilian clothing chit!
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