I was in Bramcote Jan 63 to Dec 65, lots of mixed memories, bad and good, total culture shock, winter 63 was atrocious, RSM Ludford insisted on RSMs parade every Monday am regardless of snow, sleet, fog whatever, Sgt Paddy Finn aargh, knocked me out with his pacestick because we were chatting outside the block, loved the outward bounds, was in Mansergh Troop can't remember the BC's name but he had an MGA what a cool car that was, also remember Sgt Max Double, now he was a great guy. Also got fractured skull on night exercise in hospital 3 weeks in Nuneaton. Went to 94 Loc Regt, Celle in Jan 66 , first exercise in Libya was great then downhill, bored stiff after JLR, got out in Aug 68.
I was in porteous troop in 80 never stuck it tho did about 8 months sgt hoolihan remember him well tipped my locker over once on inspection then threw me an apple mental case he was remember Paul malliband from Preston half cast lad from Wales called Wayne i think Victor somebody and paddy ginger Irish lad bloody thief he was i came back after leave once with my hair some shade of purple lol many more memories ...
Couldn't help chuckling at the mention of Sgt Paddy Flynn of Ramsay Troop. A total nutcase. I was at Bramcote from 64 to 67 I was J/Sgt of Alanbrooke Troop located above Ramsay Troop and had many a run-in with Flynn who thought we should levitate across his troops highly polished floor when going on parade. My main claim to fame was (at least whilst I was J/Sgt) was to stop all bullying in Alanbrooke Troop and also to stop the nonsense of so-called senior boys walking to the front of the queue for meals. I wasn't very popular but have never regretted facing down bullies. My best friend was a great guy called Phil Ward whose father was deputy warden of Dartmoor prison! Met him once on Hohne ranges - I was in 32 Heavy Regt at the time and he was with one of the RHA units but lost touch after that, My experience of Bramcote - it made me and despite being in my 68th year I often recall those very happy years.


for me juniors was awesome!..mega hard times for a young lad(oct91-92)...i thought myself a tough young streetwise lad,as did most of the troop,but realised very quickly i was just another in the history of JLRRA to be broken down and rebuilt the gunner way!! made some lifetime muckers,and thanks to facebook have reunited with good lads from that era!! should never have ended,and would have squared some of the young scrotes up now!!!!!!!! :wink:
How strange ! I was looking up the history of Bramcote as I have moved just down the road and I saw your thread on the 91-92 Tug o war team ! Memories ... I’m guessing your Brockelsby... What a team we had and what great memories smashing all the farmers Civvy teams - all the best - Jnr Gnr Walker - Porteous Troop and No1 in the line on indoor and in front of the anchor on outdoor
any member out there who joined the 6th June 1978? Especially Nicholson Troop, I would love to hear from you, we should do a where are they now thread, I am sure we have all lead varied lives with twisting paths. Best thing I could have done as a 16 yr old was join JLRRA!

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