I have started this thread purely as a place where ex-JLRRA members (serving or otherwise) can try to find out what happened to their old troop members. Â and also to relive any funny memorys you might have about Bramcote.

 However,  i also ask this of ARRSE members, should we bring it back?  I believe so, although i a biased having done it myself.  what do you think??

40 (Wardrop) Battery, Mansergh Troop.


GQ Sorry to butt in on you JLRRA thread -  just had to let you know that your favourite Corps now occupies Bramcote.


No probs about butting in.   We know that we handed it over your corps you poor devils.  Ahh the memories.


oh what joy JLRAA was who else can remeber the fun of changing pardes on a sunny sunday afternoon of 89 dressed only in mess tins and green plastic belt or full chairman mao and NBC black. bring it back the kids dont know what they are missing


Fond memories of Wingate Troop July '86. The exhilaration of changing parades and getting a glimse of teenage genitals!!


Now your talking WINGATE TROOP thre real TROOP of 1990 to 1991 summer intake with B** S**** and SK** M******* with the TC Bald and Old
Alanbrooke tp 89-90 now that was special anyone remember freddie kruger? what ever happened to that really special tp sgt?


Who can forget freddie i remember when we were going to relt and we had deployed all our tents etc to carry out check when he turned up with his troop and marched them all over our lovely bright orange tents
Mansergh tp?????????werent Alanbrooke champion troop that year?

I thought so ;D

Freddie also wrecked alanbrookes floor the morning og th co's inspection.Bloody nice bloke were is he now?


I remember when freddie was the TOW assistent coach he used to warm us up before a pull so heres a big thanks freddie you psyco


There is no one better and there never will be anybody better than those trained in Gunn troop 91-92 its like God new he was making soldiers
I remeber freddie!! he was a wierdo!! who remebers when he was trying to sneak up on the boys during the first 48hr wind break ex?? We could see you mate we just ignored you!! July 90 - June 91.

Any way forget him who can remember the day the boys from Wingate troop hoisted one of the boys up into the guns hangar roof on his plastic belt?? Ho! Ho! what fun!

Wierdos were all over Bramcote! Papa Smurf who remembers that physco?? His face could be used as a homing beacon that one! ;D

Does anyone know what happened to Fitz? is he still getting a kicking??

Im all for JLRRA!! it was great, the kids dont know what they are missing! ::)
the best troop by far was MILNE TP 90(PT DISPLAY TEAM) ron hills, leotard, white trainers, summersaults oh the joy.
cannot imagine there will be many survivors!
anyone remember mr ray and mr bass in the gym for boxing training. or the 29 commando pti with the good looking wife who worked in the cookhouse???


What about the AAJLR at Tonfanau Camp in N Wales ??
There were a lot of Jnr Gunners there as well. :eek: ::)
PORTEOUS Tp 86-87 had to be the best EVER!!!

Joking aside have some very fond memories of JLRRA and some not so fond memories..... RELT command tasks, oil drum rolls down hill and knocks one very unsuspecting junior leader right out OUCH!!!!

Not a Gunner any more though, still in the army but up to new and exciting tricks.

Never forget your roots though and proud to have been part of Bramcote!
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