JLR RCT - RAOC...Colerne.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by dazk55, May 22, 2006.

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  1. How was the run up that hill, passing the old Married Qtrs, comming in the back gate, by the Gym hanger.

    Oh, and THE most boring, tedious BFT route in the world !

    Mind you couple of good looking women on the civvy staff....!

    Jelly wrestling at the passing out parade piss up, QUALITY !
  2. thought it was you Daz need to catch up with you for a drink 8) you might like this JLR thread :D
  3. Killer, Heartbreak I remember them well. Amusing to think back that when carrying CEFO or CEMO the Perm Staff carried nothing and when your fucked they shout at you to move it. Fuckin Hell I was still a school boy and used to watching Saturday morning telly in bed. The long runway we called the road to hell cause if you started at the Sgt's mess end you knew you had to go back too.

  4. I think the Perm Staff you are refferring to are RCT badge chaps, it was a common decree that being an RAOC MTI, your kit was up for check / inspection by another RAOC MTI, regardless of rank etc, at anytime.

    This was the difference between 88 Coy (RAOC) and others, and also why some c*ck in RHQ decided that "some" RAOC MTI's should be posted to RCT Squadrons (I was one of them! and the lack of professionalism from my RCT collegues resulted in my speedy promotion - so I'm not that bitter !), mainly because 88Coy were winning all the Drill Comps / Assault Course Races / Champion Company etc, etc, the Regimental records speak for themselves.

    It was also a huge bone of contention in the Sgts Mess, where many a discussion was sorted out by use of the MkI left hook or my favourite, the head butt, the officers just swanned about a lot & chatted about cavelry twills & stud collars. Plus I was banned form parking my RS Turbo on the Sqn Car Park, because it was nicer than my OC's Cavalier rust bucket, so sad.

    Enough of my gripe, to know the truth, you had to be there.

    But either way, this was truely my best posting in my 15 year career, I was also an ex-Jnr Ldr (RAOC App COll - Deepcut) & found JLR to be a lot more enjoyable for the recruits, except when I marched them through the naafi disco & straight out - back into coveralls & cleaning the block, there's more..................
  5. I was RAOC too and your right it was the RCT I was refering too. Itwas confusing for us juniors to find the perm staff mixed up in different coys/sqns. Like you say I loved my time at Colerne. Do you remember when the IRA tried to top the Northern Ireland Sec who lived down the road
  6. Sanders, thanks for backing up my comments about our trog "friends" !

    Totally remeber that one about the PIRA & attempt on wots-his-names ass!:

    Amred Resp. Police all over the gaff.

    Best bit for me was when "he" used to get his helicopter from the airfield and Gareth Chillcott (famous Bath & England rugby geezer) would drive him (he had his own Limo company), he'd stop and have a brew with me / us.
    Quality bloke !

    Were any of you there for the last Pass Out parade or the "Leaving Colerne parade" when we marched through the village, us Perm Staff had loads of free ale that night. :twisted:
  7. He was called T*m King I think, the cops caught three paddy's trying to cap him.
  8. I was in the June - 84 intake ,prior to joining 8 reg.[ Nice soft posting to get started.]I was in 90 Sqn.Morley Troop.Great times.I remember Cpl Mackintyre and Sgt.Spring.Heartbreak and killer.And the dodgy Discos after the second term.Kev Mason you out there?You never did beat me in a BFT.Loads of good memories.Civvy street is tish.Anyone who was at Colerne drop me a line

    Will Moore :D
  9. HI will its me again i am having so much fun just following you around today how about you are you board yet.
  10. Juniors was the best thing a 16 year old could ever do back then! I look back on it with fond memories both good and bad!

    No one ever mentions the time just before juniors that we all experienced and would rather forget....Selection centre St Georges Barracks Sutton Coldfield! What a shithole that place was..it was like a miniture version of Scum! Less the greenhouses that is! Strange place..
  11. I so do not know who anyone is.All these messages.AAAAAhhh.Put me out my pain.
  12. i was there the same time will but 57 sqn hobbs troop