JLR Bridge jump

Discussion in 'RAC' started by flyinghussar, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Cant remember which of the JLR threads this was on ,but is the bridge we had to jump at Gunnislake? look familiar to any one out there. Hussarrrrrr

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  2. on the rac thread,,,jlr bridge jump...dont think its thatbridge f hussar,
    gunnislake used to be the quarry absaile in to a boat...
  3. Yes yor probably correct did both but that was 68 so memory bank a bit dim. Nice trying to remember though.
  4. Yes the bridge jump area was in a wooded area, though gunnislake now rings a bell for the death slide or absail. 1st term we did the raft exercise but cant remember where that was, though seem to remember something close to a Royal Marine base??
  5. And what about ESCALATION? The word still makes me shudder...
  6. The bridge we all jumped off was near 'Ashburton High Ropes', scarletto mate we did the raft building thing over in Poole, close to the RM Amphibious Training Unit! :thumright:
  7. yep my raft sank,,,that lake must be full of crap...
  8. I remember I wasn't scared and jumped off shouting "scouse power." Being such a wad I landed on my back and could only just say my name rank and number to get pulled out. the Bovvi thread has the name of the bridge on it somewhere :cyclopsani:
  9. I think our raft made 400 trips and got about 4 foot each time :frustrated: That and the fact everyone pinched bits of each others raft made it a rather wet but fun day, unlike escalation which frightened the life out of me at times.
  10. The bridge jump is just down from the Pridhamsleigh pothole which I believe is called Holne Bridge. If you travel down the A38(T) past Ashburton and the follow the signs for The River Dart Country Park, stay on this road and you will eventually come to Holne Bridge and all your nightmares will come flooding back. I had to do it once as a "Boy" and then later a P.S. Instructor. I still pass it and shudder if I have to go to HMP Dartmoor on "Business".
  11. It was once you were in it...
  12. If i remember Pup tried the walk on water routine, which worked except the water he was walking on was at the bottom :)
  13. Gunnislake was the absaile into a boat, the Bridge Jump was great, Escalation was a nightmare, the High Ropes were at Bickley (Bickley High Ropes, the Commando course), I always remember the re-gain as fun. Peir Cellars was another great place for a rope course, I used to use it as a kid as I am from the village there. Oh what fond memories.
  14. Fond memories! :thumbdown: I missed the friggin boat and nearly drowned! Got swept away in the rapids under the bridge! Got tangled up and nearly ended up like Sadams half bro and to cap it all, I had to go to hospital in plymstock or somewhere with a torn rectum! :pissedoff: See ATB's, it wasn't just you! :thumbdown: