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Discussion in 'RAC' started by 00eb85, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. so who apart from me was at jlr bovvy in 1974 i then went onto catterick to train pn chieftain then of to baor to my rgt 13/18
  2. When 74? if september their are quite a few of us on here from that term, mostly B squadron.
  3. I was A Sqn,passed off in Aug´74.Intake with P+te H+mm+nd 13/18th in Jan ´73,I think he passed off later,IIRC to Hohne.

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  4. I too was with P H. Passed of Dec 74 with [mega huge pass off 7 divisions passing off] Snowy, Mez, Taz, Mick B*ll*** etc. Remember C Sqn - 4 half pints per day per man - yeah right. It was a long way back to the spiders one eye on contra rotate on the lookout for Herman (just in case it was true)- coaches to Weymouth battered POSB's etc etc. :thumright:
  5. I passed off Dec 74 to 3RTR with B*b C*ates, J*hn 'Sn*tty' R*ch*rds*n all originally A Sqn, then into C Sqn with the B Sqn lads for pass off term. Then straight to Hohne Gunnery School - which was, as I recall, accomodated with 13/18th.

    What was the name of the big disco in Bergen with all the bars?
  6. Joined 10 Sept 74 B Sqn seems like yesterday!!!!!
    Part of the first 3 term group then of to Catterick for CVR(T) dvrs crse then to the 4/7 in Tidworth before joining the 15/19H in Ireland.
  7. Do we not have a JLR topic?
  8. Can't bea ar*sed to scroll down - who are you - the thread police LOL :thumright:
  9. Furry muff.
  10. `Zum Weinberg´,seen more blood spilled there than wine though!
  11. Cheers Midnight
  12. Show us your face 'Conehead' yep I've crossed over :thumleft:
  13. Show us your face 'Conehead' yep I've crossed over :thumleft: Anyway I were JLR Sep 77-Dec 78, Smith 14/20 KRH were my evil Trp Sgt. Any ex 14/20th can say what happened to him or the drill pig 'Rudge', nice bloke actually :thumleft:
  14. Mez is apparently now ranching cattle in Alberta :thumright: