JK Rowling tells the Kennedys to stick it.


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Yeah, how dare they ask politely for equal rights for being born the way they are,

Noone is born a feminist, merely ugly.

And ugly people are always going to have a hardtime of things. They even get charged more for bank loans etc apparently.

Still, dying your hair blue just makes it even more obvious.


A signaller said:
This from a family that had connections to organised crime, through their father, a 1920's booze runner during prohibition Joe Kennedy, and later Sinatra via peter lawford, who was kennedys brother in law. Throw in Marilyn monro, who JFK was reaming, as was Sam Giancania, a mafia boss, the whole family are mired in controversy and double dealing. ..........Rat pack confidential, by Shawn levy

And the IRA.

He also was anti British & anti semitic who wanted appeasement with Hitler
snip "Joseph Kennedy, who is on record to have said in a conversation with the British Jewish activist Neville Laski that the appeasement of Hitler was positive, as it would intensify economic ties between the two sides, and act as a barrier to war. Kennedy further stated that it was a win-win situation for all. Kennedy blamed the Jews for the German problem, and he is reported to have said that the lives of Jews in Central Europe were not really worth all the agitation."