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I thought I would use this format (and a blog) to let those ARRSERS who may have wondered about my absence from these august and ever-entertaining fora know the "back story."

Let me first say I am not intending or wishing to be regarded as being melodramatic or (God forbid a wah), let me just say that I have been beset by a number of "distractions" that have both taken the time I would have otherwise used to post and much of my energy and motivation I would have needed to do so.

Due to a combination of body blows, both physical and emotional, including a diagnosis of prostate cancer and the tragic death by suicide of one of my closest mates (my then LCPL radio operator and unofficial "bodyguard") from my Vietnam days, I am just unable to continue at present with the banter and debate on ARRSE at the high standard I have always striven to meet (I know some of my tormentors will disagree).

It seems the physical and emotional toll my misspent youth as a hard-charging recce Marine (and the passage of too many years) have finally accumulated to the point that I can no longer just "soldier on" in the same manner as I had been. Not that I am quitting mind you as, you should know from my posts, US Marines do not quit. :wink:

Accordingly, I must take a hiatus and if I should fail to come back up on the net, please know I have enjoyed my association with all of you and have tried to do my small part to express my appreciation for the kinship and respect all warriors share and my abiding respect for the professionalism and as importantly, the wit of UK forces, many of whom I have had the privilege to have served with over the years. Rest assured, regardless of what happens among our politicians regarding the "Special Relationship" enjoyed between the US and the UK, it will always exist to me.

I will try to monitor my PMs from time to time but do not want to bore all of ARRSE with my issues.

Semper Fidelis and Cheers

JJH, good luck to you come out fighting and I am sure you will overcome the predicament. I am sure we will hear from you soon.

ps What size of shoe do you take
I am very sorry to hear this, JJH. I can only offer both my condolances for the loss of your friend, and my best wishes that you make a full recovery from your illness.

Semper Fi.
JJH, sorry to hear of your probs.
It may be wise to ask for a second opinion, on the state of your prostate from Jarrod!

I'm sure you will bounce back and continue to be a presence on this site. Chin up old boy!


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I wish you well JJH, there are none of us getting any younger! If you wish respite from the real life, make sure that you keep dropping in to Arrse, where you are guaranteed a kindly word from badger-heed!

Rest, and come back fighting.


Hey Buddy, Just to let you know this old gunner at least will be thinking of you. Knowing first hand how age diminishes is one thing, to hear of a fellow vet struck by ill health is something entirely different! Keep your pecker up, as we say this side of the pond, and get well very soon. I'll look out for and look forward too more of your perspicacious remarks and comments, so hurry back. I'll put in a word with The Man Upstairs before I go to bed for your quick recovery. Also, if you ever want a chat with someone who holds the Special Relationship in as much esteem as you do, you won't bore me if you want to message me. Good luck Buddy.
Sorry to hear about your bad news,in both cases.

Your erudition on many subjects will be missed,as will your witty (unusual for a septic ;-) ) repartee.

Best wishes,hope your prognosis improves.
Good luck JJH - sorry to hear the metaphorical postman delivered badger-heed's prostate cancer up your chufta in error.
Good luck colonel, the same "monster" got me too, fight back like a jarhead. And get your sorry ass back in line ASAP.

You should not have changed avatars....Voodoo !!!!

Nec Aspera Terrent.

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