JJH gets new car for ARRSE range day

That's really funny. Did you sit up all night looking for that?

You dog loser.
sorry pony princess, you're only worth a 30 second scan of the mail. Any more is dangerous
How many generations do you think you'd have to go back until you found a branch on his family tree?

I reckon you could get to at least 1750 before you found a set of parents that weren't brother and sister.


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Without any comment or inference about the senseless slaughter of innocent animals who have little food value and are clearly no threat as small animals are not known to go on killing sprees with automatic weapons (OK some fluffy rabbits can be rage filled killing machines but the lack of opposable thumbs mean that a pistol grip is beyond their means. Pandas do have opposable thumbs (of a sort) and therefore in total sexual frustration may go on a rampage.)

However, there is something seriously disturbed about the arrangement of the animals. A dead stoat appears to be giving a guinea pig one up the wrong un in front of a duckling's full view. Another stoat appears to be watching. This scenario of posing animals in compromising positions is truly sick and the owner of the truck should be locked up in a mental institution and given electroconvulsive therapy by vegetarians.
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