Jinx Tank?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by PE4rocks, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. While surfing the interweb I came upon this:-

    Jinx Tank? UPDATED 050509

    I know the story of crushed people who sleep under AFV's is considered apocryphal by some...

    Anyhoo, is this true? I dunno.

    This article is supplied 'as is'. Perhaps some wot are truly ancient, pay attention Whizz, ;) may have some knowledge.
  2. Interesting and spooky read, thanks.
  3. GUILTY!!! I wrote the bloody story for a newspaper competition, made up from fact and fiction and RAC myths!!
    Never dreamt anyone would take it ALL as fact! :oops:
    See August 23rdpost on this thread!!! 'Track Rash'
    I even had Bovvy top man asking the RTR news letter if it was true!! Guilty! Guilty! (and I never even won!) :oops:

  4. March the guilty bastard in Sarnt Major. :lol:
  5. See 'Track Rash' on RAC thread. Aug.23rd!! :oops:
    And here is the Churchill that prompted the story, see welded hole in turret.......and BB stretched out in front! (Trainee Walt!) Bloody poser!
    It's on Google...'Jinx Tank Time Capsule'!

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  6. Crikey. Newton Chambers. About 15 minutes walk from here 8O

    They've still got a Churchill parked on a concrete ramp outside the complex, which is now just another out-of-town industrial estate.
  7. When I was doing my RAC Gunfitter training we did 16 weeks at Barnsley Mining and Tech. Colledge, whilst there we were taken to Chapel Town to Newton Chambers on an education trip, they had a rather advanced apprentice scheme there. There were a number of Churchill hulls in the yard and I believe Black Prince and that was why I brought Newton Chambers into the story. We also went down 'Wooley Main' not a pleasent experience.
    The Barnsley folk were great to us, we were in civvy billets!
    Any chance of a pic of the Churchill for my books please?
  8. I'll see if I can cadge a lift up that way (it's about 15 mins as the crow flies but 30 mins cos of blocked off private roads and stuff) and get you a couple of photos, sometime this week 8) .
  9. Sorry squid I missed your post, but thanks a lot, looking forward to it. Got behind as there was a photo of mine in local paper re ''Matador' and some one who has one was after pics!

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  10. Okay, I went down to newton chambers today, along with all my photographic acoutrements and equipment and stuff etc etc...

    And found a bare patch of concrete where a 36 ton Churchill Tank used to sit.
    You can quite clearly see that a tank WAS there until recently, but for some reason I was able to quite easily walk through the tank shaped mass of thin air, that now occupies its place.

    Now I know the tank was not in running order, so I'm pretty certain the local pikeys haven't nicked it, so I can only assume that it's gone to a museum or suchline 8O .

    It was there last time I looked (which admittedly was when I worked up there, over christmas 2005) and having been there for 20+ years, I had no reason to believe it would move 8O .

    Sorry for the disappointment fellas :( .

    [EDIT - I've done some researching, and the tank has actually been sold to a private collector. Apparently, the private collector IS going to restore the tank, but where it is, and where it will go after it has been restored, I do not know. I'm angry about this, because the tank was a gift from Newton Chambers, to the City of Sheffield. I'm angry that this piece of Sheffield's history has been sold to a collector and taken away from the city, but at least we know that the tank will be taken care of where she is going.]

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  11. Thanks Squid for your trouble. I do have address of a Chapeltown web site who were supposed to be sending me pics yonks ago, so I'll see if they are still about, I'll send em your pic of the base concrete! Thanks again Matey!
  12. Thanks for edit Squid, bloody disgusting! I have emailed person from local Newton Chambers history who was sending me ww2 pics from factory, we'll see what develops!

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  13. Look on the bright side matey, at least it's going to be restored.

    Where it was, it was just getting rained on. Contrary to what some people who have never seen the tank or lived fairly close to it might say though, it wasn't getting vandalised, it wasn't rusting away, and it was as flammable as only 36 tons of solid iron can be, so I don't think the tank would have been injured by a decision to leave it where it was,.
    But you have to consider the fact that the tank is due now to be restored away from its home, and determine whether that is better or worse than it being left where it was. :)

    [EDIT - just as an aside, the link to the jinx tank article, now links directly to Age Concern's homepage]
  14. Have received email from Newton Chambers Chapeltown History Group and they don't know either!!!
  15. Info from Chapeltown, group did not know but have now found that it was sold to a 'Neil Montgomery' about six weeks ago. .................
    No, it can't possibly be THAT Montgomery can it?