Jimmy Somerville.....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Okay we all know the rumors, Liney 7 Sigs. Does anyone actually have any first hand (ooh err...) knowledge or proof of this, or is it just another stupid rumor?!!?
  2. Never heard anything about it when i was there (88-92).
  3. I have also heard this romour, if most of the Bronski beat hits were kicking around in 84 then he would have had to been in ealier than 88, so any of the old salts maybe able to help here.
  4. Yep, Bronski Beat started in '83 and he was 22, so he would have been a young spunker!!
  5. Me neither when I was there 89-93 5 Sqn
  6. you lot read something on another thread by any chance? and you wonder why the rest of the Army takes the urine out of the the corps?
  7. People take the pi55 out of the corps. Check your literacy out numpty; the,the ?
  8. But, in answer to your Q, no have not read another thread, just a gen up Q! Still, any of you old and bold have an answer, please?
  9. good spot on my error.

    the answer is no, he was never in the military at all as far as any info available on the web says.

    I never heard of him as serving either and i was in at the timeframe he was liable to have served
  10. knew a bloke in the early 80's at 211 sigs by the name of Somerville- we called him Jimmy but he was a porridge wog techi lance jack - not a bad bloke either but he couldn't sing. Could be the same bloke then - hahahahahaha
  11. Does mean any of the other rumoured Corps memeber weren't in either?

    To name and claim(ish) a few

    Norman Wisdom (I think although he wore a Jimmy he was part of the CSE or whatever it was called during WWII)
    One of the england keepers (As a jock and a rugby fan I've no clue which one maybe Banks)
    One of the Harrod's bombers (I've always taken that one with a pinch of salt)
    Kris Akibussi (was he a scaley prior to being APTC?)

    I'm sure there's hods more.
  12. kriss akabusi was definately in the Corps before he transferred, he was a jnr soldier at Ouston in 76
  13. The england goalie who served in the corps was indeed Gordon Banks(1966 world cup goalie) he was national service man.