Jimmy Saville

jimmy savile's last request was that after his death his ashes were to be put in an etch-a-sketch so that kids can still fiddle with his knob!

News flash: scores of dyslexic parents have just beaten up Jimmy Sommerville.
JJB Sports are selling iconic gold replica Jimmy Savile tracksuits: they come with an adult sized top but you have to squeeze in to children's bottoms.
The BBC News channel has just displayed images of three of the women who've claimed to have been tinkered with by Sir Jimmy Savile in his dressing room. They showed a current picture of each woman and a picture taken of each of them in the '70s: the caption read - Now then, now then, now then.....
Susan Boyle has now made a complaint to police.

She states ..... I was locked in a room with Jimmy Saville and he never touched me
Susan Boyle has now made a complaint to police.

She states ..... I was locked in a room with Jimmy Saville and he never touched me
That was only because she was about 40 years too old for him.

Mind you, after her appearance on TV suicide bombings took a marked downturn, the fanatics had found what a virgin looked like!!
What's brown, stinks, is six inches long and you wouldn't want to find in your kids bedroom?

Jimmy Saviles cigar

What have Jimmy Saville, Margaret Thatcher and Arthur Scargill got in common?They all shafted minors during the 80's!

As i walked into my 13year olds bedroom i tripped on an 8 inch long brown object with a wet end. Shocked and disgusted i confronted her when she got home from school. What do you call that? I asked. Ashamed she replied sorry dad it's my vibrator. Thank fuck for that i said. I thought it was jimmy savilles cigar!


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It's nearly Halloween, and i need an outfit to scare the kids with - anyone got a red tracksuit blonde wig, jewellery and a cigar i can borrow ?
Now then, now then, now then...McDonalds have just announced their latest burger....The McSavile Sandwich - 84 year old meat between 13 year old baps!!!

Howzabout this then, guyz n galz?

I see Jimmy Savile's family have removed his headstone, along with all the flowers growing alongside, out of respect to his victims.

So, that just leaves a small hole with no bush around it - just what Jimmy would have wanted!



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When will these allegations about Jimmy Saville ever end.
Police are now saying Jeremy beadle had a small hand in it....
'What can Uncle Jimmy fix for you little girl?'

'I would would like hair on my peepee like mommy has'

'Rightho...will white do?'
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