Jimmy Savile Dead

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CC_TA, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. Jimmy Savile has just popped his clogs.

    Just been announced on Sky News.

    Has anyone on here ever write him a 'Dear Jim' Letter? Fess up you old bastards; what did you ask for? :)
  2. Dear Jim
    You owe me a tenner
  3. It's a pity he couldn't fix it for himself.
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  4. Jet from the Gladiators to take my cherry. The old cunt never got back to me
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  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Owz about that then.

    Wonder if they'll send him off with some Show wadddyy wadddy

    (Of course the two youngsters I work with have just gave a loud whoooooo)

    I remember some pad rat driving one of his dads units Stollys
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  6. I wrote to the bastard asking if I could fist Pans People. Still waiting for a reply from the lazy cunt.
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  7. Did you hear the new Jimmy Savile "Space and Time Relativity Theorem"?

    "Now then... Now then... Now then".

    I know but the local Sports Direct will be devastated.

    Always wanted a armchair like he had that served whiskey and cigars. Never get away with that on TV these days never mind Kids programs.
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  8. well he had that coming

    What will the Bronski Beat do now?
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  9. RIP Sir Jimmy.

    The man did a phenomenal amount for charity and I'm sure he will be missed.

    Edited to add as this is the NAAFI: fanny, tits and wank...

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  10. I knew Jimmy Savile back in the very early sixties,he had a flat on Upper Camp St in Salford,he stayed there when doing TOTP in Manchester.When he wasn't at his flat he let all the teenage runaways (girls only) stay,what a flat that was,,however as some of the girls were under age he had a bit of a reputation that was never deserved,but the drugs were good......
  11. He used to give me the creeps something rotten when I was a little 'un. Scarier than the fucking Daleks when he came on the box.
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  12. Tragic.

    Actually once witnessed an oppo use a Jimmy Saville chatup line:

    In his best Jimmy Saville voice: "Jim Has Fixed It For ME, To do...You...Up...The....Arse....."

  13. When I was 9 or 10 I asked Jim for a flight in a Lancaster Bomber.

    I would still love to fulfil that same ambition, however, now I am older and more mature, I would like it to be fully armed and I would use it to firebomb Brussels.
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  14. I propose this date be hereafter known as National talk Like Jimmy Saville day, in tribute.
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  15. Jimmy Saville OBE.
    According to me old dad who's never been keen on Jimmy, that stood for 'Other Bugger's Efforts.