Jimmy McGovern army drama 'fails soldiers' says veteran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by London_native, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Oh no...the Leprechaun of Death is upset...fear his wrath. Stupid little man.
  2. As the article and McGovern point out this program is pure fiction...

    Col Collins is wanting to kick start hos consulting career (anyone seen him on Sky News lately?) and needs a bit of controversy to do so.

    Nothing to see here chaps move along please.
  3. Is it going to be like a re-run of Soldier Soldier. Can't wait. Hope the cheeky geordie chappie is in it!

    It's telly FFS it's not real. Outrage bus is now part of whole fleet management and is fully booked up for months. Stand down!
  4. Haha. Gareth from the Office is the bully. Is it a drama about the ACF then? That guy couldn't force a shite into leaving his own arrse.
  5. What army did Col Collins join? if he is trying to say officers do not bully new recruits in the army, he is very much mistaken, in 1979 lichfield Depot, Lt Benet was plastered all over the Sunday papers, labeled "Kiss my boots Benet" he bullied new recruits by having them fight in a cesspit and then force them to kiss his boots.
    In Belize he was reprimanded by the RSM for bullying the platoon.
  6. HE fails soldiers? From the man than made a Bloody Sunday drama that, rather than simply fudging the 'who fired first' among the chaos of the day, clearly showed Paras initiating the shooting by taking slow, deliberate and aimed shots into the backs of civilians. He then said he was proud that the Saville Inquiry 'deeply vindicated' him. Add that to 'Dockers' and the Left-Wing flagship 'Brookside' and you can begin to see why the BBC love him so much. My two page complaint to the BBC at the time 'Sunday' was broadcast didn't even warrant a reply.

    I wasn't surprised.
  7. Ain't that just the truth of it.

    ..."Having served in the British army for 23 years I can unequivocally say this has absolutely no basis in reality," he added.

    Wot, no inspirational speeches?

    And Steven Seagull... You forget... Gareth was in the TA!
  8. Strangely enough....neither are we.

  9. That's 31 bloody years ago! Spookily enough, things have changed since then.
  10. Will this drama feature someone putting his stapler in jelly.
  11. seems like yesterday to me lmao
  12. Did you actually 'laugh my arse off?' If so you should stop drinking.
  13. i did giggle, but i am high on dihydrocodiene