Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone


As a Gers fan i would like to pass on my condolences to all Hoops fans at the passing of one of Scotlands finest ever players.

Heaven will have the best wingers now with "Jinky" & Davie Cooper there now. RIP.
Couldn't agree more there,Knocker.A crackin' wee player,a nippy little bugger.Can,t understand why he had so few Scottish caps.(Pedestrian crossing---The wee green man!)Tormentor of many defenders.(I'm a blue nose)-ANOTHER GREAT,--gone.--SAD.(Davey Cooper.There was a shock) MR DOUR,(Jock Stein) compiled a fair crowd in his time,and appeared to be badly treated by the Celtic directorship in the end-That's footie!
definate footy legend. the man came from a different place to todays player.
a true footy legend, skilled and sporting
RIP wee man
I've always been a blue nose, but we used to live right by Parkhead so used to go to the Celtic games and get a liftie to get in for free. Always remember jumping up and down like a maddy in the jungle as Jinky let 1 rip. Oh to be 10 again.

RIP Wee Man.

LIFTIE-- my Dad used to "LIFT ME IN " at Ibrox,and often youl'd get some ned asking for a lift over"!.Mr. --gie'us a lift"----"Christ son,yer bigger than me,you gie ME a lift"---They would hop ower anyway,or come up from the railway --and all those "empty" bottles that wee boys would collect (suppin' the dregs--Piss)-uughhh!-Times gone by(thank fcuk)I think the stand cost about 3/6--5 .bob.--Luxury.The invalid,3 wheeler cars,and loads of wee,one legged,or one armed 1st ww vets,--all sadly now gone
One of our lads on Telic 1 wrote to his hero Jimmy requesting a signed pickie.

Jimmy replied that he was not too well but sent what were obviously original presentation photos given to himself during his playing days.

One of Scottish footballs greatest...
Major send off today for the wee man.(as befitted his unmatched dribbling skills)Awra best,frae a blue nose.Pedestrian crossings will forever remind me of Jinky(The wee green man)--Don't think those S of the border appreciated how famous he was,made main news.
yeah, he was headline news & deservedly so.

nice to see all the gers shirts/scarves at "breezeblock boulevard" goes to show that real fitba fans appreciate real class.
My dads favourite ever Celtic player, and a true genius on the ball, never seen a player torment defenders like that man could, or bounce back from some of the vicious treatment he used to get dished out to him week in week out.My dad used to sing "we've got jimmy jimmy jimmy jimmy johnstone on the wing, on the wing" as a lullaby to me when i was a kid....

And nice to see the treatment he got from both halves of the city...Showing how respected he was as a player, and as a man, pity the BBC didnt think to give it more than 30 seconds of coverage, but even watching that and seeing the send off he got was enough for a "lumpy throat" moment, even the normally divided and somewhat directional Scottish press were unanimous in their praise of him, and the sadness of the passing of one of scotlands finest ever players.

Rest in Peace Jinky.
nice touch that the "tims" are all wearing a number 7 on their shorts today for the cup final, a mark of respect, as is the calling off of the planned protests by gers fans at tynecastle today.

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