Jimmy Dyer

Discussion in 'REME' started by lost_ulsterman, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. Shocking! Poor guy. After everything, he's left high and dry.

    If you get anything set up, post it and let us know.
  2. Yeah its unlucky what happened to him, but he didn't have travel insurance when he should have
  3. If you have nothing constructive to say do one civi. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    I served with Jimmy a long time ago and he is one of the few characters left.

    Yes he made a mistake not having travel insurance, but I think that should be the least of his and his families worries.

    If anyone has the facility to set up a fund to help bring him home I have money waiting.
  4. surely h.m. forces should be bailing the poor sod out,if not if there,s a paypal account set up i,m sure a lot of us would donate.anyone computer savvy enough to set up the account?
  5. Whats so annoying about this, is, he was on leave, so the army wont take responsibility, yet if he was involved in something that brought the forces into the limelight in a bad way, ie fighting at an england footy game or similar, and he was on leave while he did it, they would soon take an interest in charging him.

    Cant have it both ways, he's one of ours and should be supported regardless of the lack of insurance.

    Are we not on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year, even whilst on leave? or has that changed since I left?
  6. And you live in a perfect world. Never slipped up from time to time? If I was stranded out there all smashed up I'd appreciate the help from my own. Money waiting if some techno kid can set up an account.

  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    My thoughts exactly Gren. This has been recognised by the gubment by giving the X factor in pay. He could have been recalled from leave at any time. Jimmy is a soldier, not an ex-soldier and the MoD should look after him - not exactly rocket science for MoD is it?
  8. Everyone agrees that he's being done over then.

    Is there nobody out there who knows someone else this has happened to? Surely this can't be the first time ever that a squaddie has ended up in a foreign hospital without travel insurance? :?

    I was nearly setting up a paypal account for it earlier on, but let me get in touch with his family/close friends before i do. If it really is gonna cost 30large to get him back, no offence to the site and users, but we'll need more than ARRSE to get the funds together. Hence a couple of people have informed thesun to the situation. Hopefully they'll run something/start their own fund this week.

    Rest assured you lot will be the first i let know whats happening, unless you see it in the papers first.
  9. I wish the guy well but the rest of us all have E111 and travel insurance! You wouldn't expect Tesco to pay 30k to fly one of their employees back from a holiday accident! Why do people seam to think the Army has a responsability to this lad you would think his family would dig deep and sort him out. he will no doubt have pax (perhaps not if he doesn't have travel insurance) and as a soldier, a regular wage to pay off the debt.
  10. Lets move away from the lecturing shall we!! Soldier out of the game in a foreign land, could do with some help, any suggestions

    Tescos FFS :roll:
  11. Good. From experience, can I suggest that the family or whoever they have authorised to assist them should contact SSAFA Forces Help and/or the REME Benevolent Fund, if they havent already.
  12. Funny how we're quick to bash the Sun for poor reporting on all things Forces, but when something needs sorting out quickly we run to them as a first port of call. They'll square it away too, they always do.

    My money's ready and waiting.

  13. Just done. Thanks for the tip, didn't even think about that.
  14. [quote="skintboymike

    when something needs sorting out quickly we run to them as a first port of call. They'll square it away too, they always do.


    Lets hope so shall we.