Jimmy Carr

Discussion in 'Economics' started by singha61, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. FT
    Carr tax ‘morally wrong’, says PM
    David Cameron, prime minister, on Wednesday branded the tax arrangements of comedian Jimmy Carr “morally wrong” after press reports that he was one of a number of celebrities using elaborate schemes to avoid paying tax.

    The comments followed revelations that financial arrangements used by Mr Carr and investments by members of the Take That pop band are being investigated by Revenue & Customs.

    The prime minister struck a populist note over the issue during a round of television interviews in Mexico on Wednesday, saying the comedian’s investments appeared to be “very dodgy”.

    But his rhetoric drew accusations of hypocrisy from Labour. Just before the general election it emerged that Lord Ashcroft, a Tory donor and former deputy chairman, had enjoyed “non-dom” tax status, and so did not pay UK tax on overseas earnings.

    Simon Danczuk, a Labour backbencher, said: “Everyone should pay their tax but it is a bit rich for the prime minister to single out Jimmy Carr when he has friends like Lord Ashcroft,” he said.

    Mr Cameron’s comments risk a repeat of tensions earlier in the year when the prime minister’s tough stance against bonuses at Royal Bank of Scotland annoyed many Tory donors and supporters.

    The controversy over alleged avoidance by entertainers – triggered by reports in The Times newspaper – reflects increased public focus on the tax affairs of wealthy individuals and companies at a time of fiscal austerity.

    Revenue & Customs said: “HMRC [the Revenue] is extremely effective at shutting down tax avoidance schemes fast and effectively.”

    Carr tax ‘morally wrong’, says PM - FT.com

    Kettle and black come to mind however I may be wrong.
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  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Some of the thoughts of the twitterati:

    boothby graffoe‏@boobygraffoe

    Jimmy Carr is "not morally right" says David Cameron during £250,000 dinner with arms dealer"

    "Dave Cameron criticising Jimmy Carr reminded me of this article :- Cameron family fortune made in tax havens Cameron family fortune made in tax havens | Politics | The Guardian "

    Frankie Boyle‏@frankieboyle

    Agree with David Cameron saying Jimmy Carr's tax avoidance " morally wrong". We need that money to fire missiles into the homes of shepherds

    Tom Pride‏@ThomasPride

    Jimmy Carr morally wrong to avoid taxes without donating anything to us says David Cameron Jimmy Carr morally wrong to avoid taxes without donating anything to us says David Cameron « Pride's Purge

    Curious Orange‏@thekuriousoranj

    So, the multi-millionaire Cameron who claimed Disability Living Allowance for his son, says Jimmy Carr's tax arrangements are morally wrong.
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  3. We all would do it if we could! Keep it up jimmy, get the crates in for hedley court next time you visit u tight ****!!
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  4. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Bet Carr will start paying more tax though - his ticket sales will start going south otherwise.

    Sunlight is a good disinfectant...

  5. Jimmy Carr - unfunny hypercritical dolls head ****.
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  6. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Hm. Before anyone starts throwing morality into it, he's not doing anything illegal. Whether anyone wants to change the law is a different matter - perhaps that's where Call Me Dave needs to start from.

    As someone said on that there national radio today: you don't pay an accountant to tell you how to pay MORE tax.

    Get real: there are bigger, less scrupulous offenders. Crack on...

    Mind you, Nobby Sapper has it right.
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  7. I'd like to be nice to him, with a bit of 4 x 2 and a shovel.
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  8. Having the government, any government, telling me how some rich bloke avoiding taxes is morally wrong, is like the water boards telling me to shower with a friend because we need to save water. Once they stop pissing it up the wall maybe I'll get a little more outraged.
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  9. The tax thing is a red herring.

    Comedians are supposed to be funny. He's about as funny as a squished shit in your M&S panty gusset. Nail him up for being an unfunny ****.

    We'd all fiddle our taxes if we could.
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  10. But this is the same Government, who refuses to acknowledge that the country is in a slump and where call me Dave and his side kick the bum nose wonder are currently sitting on trust funds worth £20,000,000 stashed overseas them selves. You will recall that bum face said that he wasn't liable for the 50p Tax? How can that be if his worth is £4,000,000, which any dogs breadth accountant could see a return of £500,000, and is well above the "£150,000 rate at which the 50p rate kicked in (now 45p soon to be 40p). But as its overseas, he dont have to pay UK tax. You do the same (or try to) and its choky sunshine, mind your fingers. How does he get away with it, all MPs with any value do exactly the same, so nobody is going to rock the boat.
    Moreover try and move your pension fund to an off shore trust fund, and see how far you get. Especially when you realise that the Taxman classifies pensions as unearned income. Siting the Bum-faced, Cocaine snorting, black working girl threepenny bit sucking muppet, and what he does, dosn't get you past the rules either.
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  11. Clearly you are employing the wrong accountant then, it's all legal - perfectly acceptable. By your logic I should rail against the poor for being poor and having to pay thousands a year to keep them in fags and booze. It's legal but immoral.
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  12. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Case in point: Toe Knee B Liar (inc?) - last tax year, company turnover £12m, income tax paid to HMRC - £35k

    CMD. Here's a hint. If it's wrong, make it illegal.

    Until then shut up: it was politicians like you who wrote the chuffing rules in the first place.

    None of us wants to pay more tax than we need to. I just get hacked off if the big money-makers (note absence of the word 'earn') get to pay proportionately so much less (FFS, what is 40% of £12m? More than £350k, I'm sure) than the people running the small-to-medium (mainly artisan) enterprises that (a) generate a disproportionate slice of the UK's tax revenue, and (b) Do so at the expense of the family budget of the single-mortgage-paying small entrepreneur.
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  13. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Simon Danczuk, a Labour backbencher, said: “Everyone should pay their tax but it is a bit rich for the prime minister to single out Jimmy Carr when he has friends like Lord Ashcroft,”

    A bit rich? FFS who is the comedian - Carr or Danczuk?
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  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    He's not fiddling his taxes. He's getting a bollocking for working within the rules established by the likes of CMD.

    He may not be funny, but neither is he a criminal nor (on the basis of his line "I won't pay any more tax than I need to" - with which I'm utterly in tune), is he a hypocrite.

    Unlike CMD . . . .
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