Jimbo and MM ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. I refer not to Military Medal but maybe inevitably lean towards the Mickey Mouse.

    The reference is of course to Margaret Moran MP and here is your linkie

    Expenses cheat MP Margaret Moran still visiting holiday home in Spain - Telegraph

    The poor lady is adjudged too mentally ill to face the consequences of her actions. mmmmmm

    I wonder if Jimbo could, at last, be an inspiration for police training ?

    Police Training Courses and the PACE procedural questions.

    "You arrest a man who is convinced he is hereditary commander of an Irish bodyguard clan. He has, on occasions, represented himself by implication and uniform wearing as ex SAS and ex Para. He believes that he is a papal knight and that he singlehandedly contributed significantly to the end of Cold War.

    Cite which Sections of PACE you would apply to the interview situation. Would you interpret PACE that a responsible adult or psychiatrist be present ?

    Give notes on anticipated problems of cross examination of case officers by Defence counsel."
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Don't worry sunno, I think BB has overdone the meds again!
  3. BounceBananas psychiatrists notes always made interesting reading.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    K squared might be a lunatic but he's OUR lunatic. Paws off.
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  5. That makes about as much sense as the OP. Are you it's nurse?
  6. I was hoping it might be AMMM.

    Shame - that would have been some combo.
  7. When I was a lad the tinternet was very different, we used to just sit for hours staring into old shoe boxes.....

    ........we still had twats though!
  8. The name Moran (meaning bog trotting clan cheifs dodgy bastard sprog) reminded me of Jimbo's hereditary boss, the defrocked charlatan cheif "MacCarthy Mor".

    I wonder where he is and who he's lying to know?
  9. BounceBanana is also Knockknee (hence K2). But he's more of an annoying idiot than lovable eccentric so fair game IMHO.
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  10. Tip of the hat to you Sir.
  11. Bouncebanana/Knocknee would be a dead cert for a Section 136 of the Mental health act.
    Section 136 is an order that allows a police officer to take a person whom they consider to be mentally disordered to a “place of safety”. It only applies to a person found in a public place though.
    If only he ever left the pc and went outside.
    I'm sure Kent police are just waiting for him to step outside.
  12. Yup, nothing lovable and eccentric about KK, he's actually Jimbo's loon, not ours.

    Particularly in the early stages of the Baron's unmasking there was a great pisss taking tale to be told in any newspaper but KK's dribble, which always coincided with the discovery of some new nugget, managed to pollute the place with clearly unreliable mad paranoia that any journo who viewed the thread (and there were many) in it's entirety decided not to take the risk.

    He's at it again now, of course, just as the Indonesian thing has popped into focus.

    KK's mission seems to be to scatter enough crap around when required in order to undermine the truth.

    The man is a twat of the first water.
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