Jim Shortt in Sweden

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gothia, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. I am desperatly trying to documente the actions of the "famous"
    Baron Castleshort in Sweden.

    It is commonly known that he attended the parachutecoures at K3 in Karlsborg during the later part of 1986

    Its also documentated that he was working at K1 in Stockholm and KA1 in Vaxholm. during 1988/89.

    He held lectures at the Generall staff college in 1990, guess it was in february.

    BUT !!!!!!!!

    How ever did he get to Sweden in the first place ??

    Who invited him ??

    And why did the swedish army employ a NON military caracter ??

    i know that there are many respected members of ARRSE, whith a deep knowledge of Mr Shortts history and MO

    any type of intel or information please !!!
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  2. Have you tried one of the many Shortt threads on here? If you run a spell checker over them you'll end up with a 3 volume book set, complete with pictures, footnotes and a legal appendix. Saves you a lot of work trying to document it all by yourself.
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  3. Gothia,

    Search the forums for some seriously boring shite about James, in fact it's almost as boring as the posters who want to know about Jim Shortt's military credentials.

    Beaten to it by Stanley.
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  4. Is the purpose of your research to ensure his accession to the throne?
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  5. I have NO interest in the security business

    And I have read most of the threads on Mr Shortt

    But I still havent found the answers to who invited him to Sweden and why
  6. Seems you missed the subtle hint in my reply.
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  7. Prince Charles then ...............

    Gothia, you could ask a couple of questions here:

    SoldF.com Forum - Sveriges största militärforum

    I remember reading a self written bio of Jimbo's somewhere and noted with interest that he had done the Swedish commando course. My
    understanding was that this is a 'kin long course. Makes you wonder who his friends are ........... plausible deniability and all that.
  8. I will post a question in the forum adviced by you

    Its still a big question to me how he ended up there in the midle of the Cold war and all the U-boat incidents
  9. He was having an affair with King Gustaf. Try doing a Google search to find photos of them naked together in a jacuzzi.
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  10. In the LoF, as with many aspects of society, sometimes it isn't so much 'what' you know, as 'who' you know.
  11. The Baron Catleshortt had something to do with the "U-boat incidents' in Sweden? :? He must have been clever as **** and more warry than James Bond then. ;-)
  12. I wasn't going to tell you this, but since you've been so persistant; our Jim, as he likes to style himself, is descended from Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden through his great-great-great-great-great-granny Sophie of Pomerania.
  13. Is this her?

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  14. That's the badger! Although she may have once been a little taller, and not quite so hirsute. You can see Jim's lineage around the eyes.
  15. She's got a cracking beard too.