Jim Shortt in Call Of Duty?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Kaye, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. While looking for a piccie of our good friend Jim 'the Baron' Shortt on the web I came across this:

    Intresting origin of Captain Price - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Neoseeker Forums

    The people there claim that the character of captain Price, the SAS captain in the game Call of Duty is based on a picture of Jimbo walting up in a SAS beret!

    When you compare the two pictures you'll find that even the backgrounds match! Please check the link above and discuss.

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  2. I'd agree...the give away is the Berets are shaped exactly the same.
  3. It seems the King of Walts truly is now in the Land of Fantasy!
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    He'll be adding that to his CV now. Yet more ficticious tales of derring - do.
  5. Incidentally that Capt. Price, with the full set, is he a Capt RN walt with a thing for THEM?
  6. I wonder, did he send an e-mail to the developers with a picture attached, dazzling them with tales of heroic deeds?
  7. These are game designers you are talking about...it wouldn't surprise me if they googled SAS photograph found one that kind of looked like what they needed and copied in. Then added a beard for copyright purposes.
  8. I thought something along those lines. Maybe it's even worse. With so much discussion about Shortty going on here the Google database will now much more quickly link the search terms 'SAS' 'Photo' and such to him! It's Arrse's fault!

    Perhaps that just means that the Waltfinder General and his henchmen have done a good job exposing the twat for what he is.
  9. Google search SAS Uniform, click images, it brings the photo up on page 1. Looks like the lazy game writers have immortalised the tossed and bought his fantasy to life. Haven't even made an effort to change anything apart from the beard.

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  10. Perhaps you could send the whole Arrse walt thread to the developers and they can then bring out 'Call of Duty' - Modern Walting as a sequal and then we can have Shortarrse and 'Mr' golden and the Mcalwraith prat all in the same fantasy world. handbags drawn or what !!!!
  11. Good spot Kaye, but it was in one of the Shortt threads, about eighteen months ago.
  12. Other than a few thousand fat american teens bitching about how much more awesome the SAS, Navy Seals or Delta Force are no one else could care about this picture let alone who he actually looks like in it. Everyone will just think it's untrue unless the media gets a hold of it and says "Cpt. Price based around real life SAS hero" or some other bullshit.
  13. I tried to search for it, but any search on Arrse about a celebrity like Shortt brings up so many results you need a search to search in the search... Might as well try and search for the MDN / Bumming combo!
  14. Ahh, Mike Golden as Soap McTavish? Pfft.
  15. I tried to search for it too, but couldn't find it. I know I've seen those pictures on here, but can't prove it. If you find a link to the MDN/ Bumming combo, please share it, as I missed that episode.