Jim Mairs QGM

It is with regret that I have to inform you that Jim has passed away after a long fight against cancer. I have no further details except he collapsed and was taken to hospital where he passed away. When and if any further info is forthcoming it will be posted here.

A good friend and will be sadly missed.

Dunhandlin now old friend.
Who can I do my "taig and prod drinking together act" with now? Both Ronnie and Jimmy gone!! and I was going to give him a phone the other day and forgot :cry:
If it's any solace, he was chipper right to the end and even joked with me (a Jock) about the England/Ireland result on Saturday. Stunned!
RIP Jim - a very sad loss, only seems like yesterday (but getting on for 10 years ago) flying back to the UK with him as he left Germany for the last time. Needless to say a reasonable dent was made in the aircraft's beer supply! An unforgettable character.
There's an old adage in our community that goes 'If you Need to Ask then You Don't Need To Know'. Suffice to say it wasn't awarded for nothing. 'Nuff said.
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