Jim Doherty makes himself look a cnut!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RogueTrooper, Dec 6, 2010.

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  1. THose of you who heard the lead up to the 8 o'clock news this morning must have been laughing as much as I was!!!
    I hope someone makes it available on the net!! :0
  2. Linksssssssssssssssss
  3. Funniest thing I've heard in years!!
  4. It was James Naughtie, and while funny, it must have been particularly embarrassing for those families who were listening to the radio with kids eating breakfast. It was recorded, try attached link.

    A Complete Jeremy Hunt - Guy Fawkes' blog
  5. Nearly crashed the car!
  6. I guess If they're old enough to listen to the news about rape and murder and all sorts of other 'going's on', they can stomach a freudian (?) slip......
    Where you one of those families?
  7. Yep, and complaint swiftly sent to BBC Complaints.
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Bring back memories of poor old "Mike Hunt" of the BFBS,TEARS,FIBS ect request shows

  9. I guess I never got his accent right!!

  10. Oh how those long winter nights must just fly by.....
  11. Do you veil the legs of your piano as well?
  12. His views on the bloke slipped out as he made the announcement.

    Another example of the left leaning bias of the BBC when they can call Tory ministers cnuts?
  13. Naughty Naughtie gets caught out. The smug cnut.
  14. Well, no actually, cos we dont have a piano, however we do pay for a complaints department at the BBC, and its right to use it when standards slip, which they certainly did this morning. Added to that that I am not a member of the James Naughtie fan club, as I find his approach to be less than balanced when interviewing, and he presented an opportunity, so I took it. My 9yo also commented on the word, which we have tried to ensure does not fall into his young vocabulary as yet. We dont swear in the house, certainly not in front of any kids, and don't expect that type of language to be used across any broadcasting medium, even after watershed.

    Anyone who believes his explanation of it being caused by a "spoonerism" is deceiving themselves.
  15. Hmmm.... Reminds me of Sir Trevor McDonald, waxing lyrical about the Kent countryside... If he'd not corrected himself, I doubt many would have noticed!