Jim Davidson hits upon hard times

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by frenchperson, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Jims money

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  2. Jim's humour

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  3. The long-suffering British public's sympathy

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  1. That is because he is a chopper. Self righteous bastard and puts up a front of support for the troops. Not when I met him he wasnt, couldnt have been any less supportive actually!
  2. Poor Old French Person.

    Can you really not find anything of more import than this?
  3. I have met Jim Davidson and John Virgo several times and I absolutely love Jim I think he is very funny.

    Both of them have come for snooker torniments in the snooker club I belonged to and in real life he is far funnier than on the stage.

    Poor Bloke.
  4. Sorry - how about who's going out of Big Brother tonight? What d'yer fink?
  5. Big Break was a great snooker torment
  6. Not really. I don't say that becuase I don't find him funny. I say it because for the tax-man to charge you £1.4 million, you must have more money/assests than £1.4 million to begin with. He can't keep up the payments? I wonder why that is, been spending money on expensive sh*t you don't need Jim? No-one to blame but himself, unless of course he has a dodgy accountant.
  7. No a TV programme.

  8. I believe that Frenchy was making a pun.
  9. No sympathy for the guy. Not a very nice person by all accounts and likes to treat people like dirt....allegedly.
  10. He sounds snookered to me.
  11. He'll have his cash squared away from the investigators. I doubt he'll be on the council housing list.
  12. No, i doubt he was :)

  13. two points

    1. French Person fcuk off

    2. Davidson actually does quite a bit for the armed forces - i saw him in bosnia in 93 in GV. and in Bugojno 1 month later (grapple 3 i think) - it was pretty dangerous then, he didnt have to do it, but he did - as he is keen to support the troops

    sorry 3 points, forgot the third one - as follows:

    3. french person....fcuk off
  14. Damned Shame...

    He visited us in Kosovo, along with a female Gladiator who scared the shit out of me....He'd just come off his flight, and was touring all the temp accomodation to visit the lads. Chatty and funny, although obviously bolloxed...took the piss out of the chefs we had, and stayed for a good hour.......