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Also must mention the exploits of Lance Sgt. J Baskeyfield being the sole crew member alive kept first one 6pdr then, when out of ammo, crawling wounded to another 6pdr and single handed taking out several AFVs at 100yds! Posthumous award of the VC.

If you are in the area I have read this took place south of Oosterbeek, road junc with Acacialaan (704774)
But there is a film abpout Jim Baskeyfield and its worth looking out for.

1. At one level its a very touching film. It was filmed by a amateur film maker who wanted to produce a film about what a hero Jim Baskeyefiled was. It was shot with the aid of a TA unit and some armour from16/5th. Its a really nice gesture to honour a local British hero.

2. At another level its so embarrassingly bad that its hilarious. It has some of the worst acting you could find in any war film. Its as if Graham Fellow's creation John Shuttleworth had decided to make a film and act in it. Some of the costumes are amazing, Field Marschal Model's lapels are about 3 foot wide. It is bizarre to hear the SS men with Brummie accents. It ought to have its own cult a war film version of "Plan 9 from outer space."
The film made by Bill Townley (mad as a hatter) is called Baskeyfield VC, made in the late 60s it took bill 3 years to film on his 8mm camera, the tanks were Cents from the 16/5th QRL, which he borrowed! the germans were off duty miners, all the weapons were loaned and nearly broke him, as were the uniforms mainly from the film the longest Day, the guy playing Jack Baskeyfield was a butcher (as jack had been pre-war) none were actors. Sadly the film seems only available on video.

When i met Gladys (jacks sister) with Bill she was so pleased that jack was remembered on film, also a school is named after him

Bill had been a bootneck end of war, but was close to Jacks family
Jack had been in the North Staffs at start of war, and transferred to the South Staffs, he spent 8 hours hanging onto the wing of his glider after it crashed into the sea during the invasion of Sicily, known as the Professor, he was a bull of a man, not tall but very well built.

Must have been to turn a 6pdr A/T gun around by himself, even though his kneecap had been hit by machine gun fire!! Sadly the last round that was fired at him, decapitated him. His body lies in Oosterbeek cemetary in a row to the left of the entrance, Ray Conesby of the Staffords, reckons he knows which grave, but sadly law wont allow it to be opened for DNA testing.

He might also be one of the few British who was recommended for the VC by a German, after the war a german officer pow remarked on Jacks bravery saying he deserved the highest honour.

There was a book privatley published after the war, which had all his details, sadly the book only had a few copies printed and now is rare.

the VC is believed to be a copy, something happened which means the real one may have been sold after the war by a member of the family, without the others at the time knowing, or so the story goes, hopefully an urban myth!!

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