Jill Dando was 'murdered by a Serbian hitman "

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cyclic, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. Didn't the Heil set out to crucify that little man?
  2. Must be true....the Mail said so.
  3. Barry George was just the local window licker fitted up to tidy up an unsolvable case and keep the tabloids and the man on the outrage omnibus happy.
  4. Bent coppers ,bent CPS,bent lawyers, bent judge, stupid jury.
  5. They proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was a bit touched in the head and lived nearby. And that's all they proved.
  6. He had a fixation with the girl, fair enough, cracking set of top bollocks and I'd have happily hung out of her but he was never, ever, the shooter. Poor sod got vilafied by the press because she was "one of there's". If anyone needs compo (and help) it's him.
  7. Jill Dando certainly was the thinking man's top totty ...
  8. Hopefully the press would have spelled it 'one of theirs' .
    Having covered the story - (she was shot 2 streets away from where I live) I was convinced it was the South African game warden she had a fling with whilst filming there and subsequently spurned thus cancelling his chance to move to a new life in the UK.
  9. Not if they worked for the Guardian.
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  10. I always said it wasn't him. Boy George would have been more plausible.
  11. She was murdered by a time travelling Freddie Mercury to stop her future son being born, whom would have become the future leader of the cyborg resistance and the robots rights movement
  12. You've got the wrong "Bulsara" there, fella.