jihandi acadamy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. obviously if the residents of grays lane don't want the oik like family's of squaddies I'm sure there welcome
    6 AM ROLL CALL CALL TO PRAYER ( the arabic sound clips from battle field2 )
    all students and staff to empty a magazine of an ak47 skywards
    repeat at 8 am
    and 9am

    10 am dems training randomly blowing shit up in the back garden

    12 call to prayer

    1 pm driver trainer souped up mercs plenty of room in the boot for bombs hostages :twisted: remember its horn maneuver horn
    4pm call to prayer
    after an intensive days training its time to kick back with a selection of high class hookers in the lacademys large hot tub.
    how could they object to thats its cultural innit :twisted:
  2. Where do I enrol and do I have to provide my own fertiliser?
  3. were using saudi cash so top quality semtex all the way :twisted:
    remember beard all women are infidel whores so its ok to verbally abuse them its cultural innit apart form quality hookers if you in to that you have to pay extra :twisted:
  4. I dont see any suicide bomb training. Is that because there aren't any instructors left as they all blew themselves up?
  5. too busy investigating high class hookers and avoiding pissed up :twisted: porridge wogs
  6. Oh dear, we're not feeling the love today, are we. Meds run out? Forgotten your cultural sensitivity chit?
  7. Damn! So my application has been declined, then?...

    Well, I'll just start my own Suicide Bomber School. With Semtex and Virgins and... aw, forget the suicide bombing.

    One day, at Bomb Camp...
  8. know drunken porridge wogs allowed as students just not to keen on them hanging around students get worried if it looks like its going to be a fight :twisted:
    the aim is to get saudis to give us money spend it on hookers and mercs and mostly annoy the residents of grays lane
    so they sell up at a loss que jihandi expansion till theres enough property to make a mint :twisted: