jihadseekers allowance

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. How the fuck does he get £25k benefits? Most working people don't get that! Who deals with his claim down the JobCentre? I'll bet none of them will tell him to work for his dole down at Poundland, or even repainting the local Legion Club.

    America said they would bomb countries for funding terrorism. I'm just waiting on a few F1-11's to come screaming over Luton.
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  2. He should be called in by DWP Staff and told that his Benefits have been suspended, and that he has to make a fresh claim for everything. But then he will have the support of dribbling Intellectaul Obese (Fat Headedness) Liberal leftie supporters who will help him to make a claim even for sandals and socks, and of course his Yumin Rites. (Hmm one wonders if GG of 'Respect' is one of his Mates)
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  3. Can't ride cats? Fuck them, I'm voting Tory.
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  4. His benefits should be doubled. He's just a poor misunderstood bloke taking advantage of the UK's free speech :)
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  5. Send him to Saudi, Iran or any number of other Islamic countries. He'd like that.
  6. This shows why the West will eventually lose to the muslims. We are now too weak to do what is genuinely right and Govts no longer follow the will of their electorate (if they ever did), preferring minorities and conglomerates.
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  7. The upside down headed twat. I'll take consolation from the knowledge he's probably eaten pork in his Findus Halal lasagne.
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  8. Ooh that's got me really angry, I feel like making a scene, burning a Koran, pissing on a mosque, why ever would the daily wail want to stir up that emotion?

    I suppose the unbiased angle means I have all the facts when I burn the Koran in mr choudary's Front garden.
  9. Hmm, thats why I'm growing a large beard, and learning Arabic just in case.......
  10. Oh ffs, not this shit again ...

    If you happen to be working in the media, and you're a lazy cunt (and the two tend to go together), all you need to do is phone that rentaquote goatfucker, ask him to say something outrageous ('Yes, Anjem, we can quote you saying that you want to spitroast Kate's baby after she's born, and you think that every British soldier should die of smallpox. That's wonderful, mate. We've got some more headlines on a slow newsday, and it saves us from getting off our arses and actually doing some good old-fashioned reporting'), and Bob's your Holness, you've got yourself a nice little front page story for whichever shitty little rag you scrawl for, and you've given some O2 thief yet another reason for thinking that he fucking matters in the grand scheme of things.

    Anjem Choudary is a fart after a takeaway vindaloo, and a bunch of hacks are treating him like he's a Force 12 hurricane. Yet again, Charlie Brooker tells it like it is:

    Anjem Choudary's controversial publicity stunt - YouTube
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  11. Mod's are a bit slow tonight, thought this would have been locked or put in the hole by now.

    (Disclaimer) Not that I agree or disagree with the post or the rules, yada yada yada......
    Ps. My arse hurts sitting on this proverbial fence.