Jihadist calls for gang rape in Syria

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Pashtun_Nationalis, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. An influential Saudi cleric has called for the gang rape of Syrian women to give "warriors of Islam" fighting in the war-torn country some sexual relief.
    Muhammed al-Arifi, described by news site AlterNet which carried the news as a "leading jihadist religious figure", says militants should enter short-term "intercourse marriages" of only a few hours "in order to give each fighter a turn".
    Any females over the age of 14 are considered eligible "brides", says al-Arifi, who claims it has "been two years since the jihadists were last with women", according to a report. His fatwa would "boost the determination of the mujahideen in Syria and is considered a duty to enter paradise for those females who enter such marriages".

    The claims are made in a TV report uploaded to YouTube by a self-described "secular Syrian opposed to having my country turned into a Taliban-like state".
    Al-Arifi follows the conservative Wahhabism branch of Islam, popular in Saudi Arabia.
    Arabic news site tayyar.org reports Muslim critics of the fatwa say it "permits the exploitation of the victims of the Syrian crisis", and consider the "intercourse marriages" rape.
    Saudi Arabia, along with Qatar, has been assisting the Free Syrian Army in their battle against the Assad regime.

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    A little video of who is man is

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  2. These are the people William hague considers as freedom fighters, who want to install democracy in Syria....I hope the British army revolts against any suggestion or order to enter Syria and help these rapists gaining power and seeing harems packed full of rape victims.
  3. This guy is quite famous as a loon amongst loons I remember this pratt claiming it was acceptable to take female foreign soldiers as concubines he'sabout as relevant as the god hates fags mob.
    Although trolling the west as a loony fundie probably gets him plenty of airtime:(

    Syria is going to be a sectarian nightmare for years to come all thanks to assad the various rebels took over a year of shootings etc to start fighting back. Assad choose to fight his own people and unleashed a fair approx of hell and its going to get a lot worse.
  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    You're right, PN.

    Fortunately the British Army is full of upright members who wouldn't dream of going anywhere near a temporary intercourse marriage. You may rest easy.
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  5. Smacks of propaganda...
  6. Makes me chuckle tbh, surely its the young boys who should be worried and not the women?
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  7. to be fair i try to engage in short intercourse marriages most friday nights (seeing as the lumpy munter i offically married seems to think that intercourse is a half yearly event)
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  8. I wonder if " Short intercourse marriage " will make the Oxford English Dictionary ?
  9. And the donkeys. Will no-one think of the donkeys?
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  10. Bought your ticket?
  11. Having seen you.... I think that she deserves a medal for letting you slobber over her every 6 months.
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  12. Heh. Every ****ing Salafist fruitloop in the world is being sucked into Syria, best place for them.

    Me, I'm rooting for Assad to win, he's the least worst outcome.
  13. I feel that Muhammed al-Arifi’s ravings are a good reason to introduce racial castration. Good people of ARRSE I bring you the “Emasculatome” and “Newberry Castration Knife”, both are available from any good farming supplies company. Lessons in the correct use of this equipment can be arranged by your local farmer.

    emasculatome.jpg newberry-castration-knife.jpg
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  14. Same here... he may be a stroker, but he looks after my lot pretty well. Hezbollah well and truly screwed us over, but we got our own back courtesy of the Isreali's (SLA). Somehow can't see Turkey giving us that level of 'support' somehow.
  15. Don't think Mohammad copied that one down from God, honestly they are wore than the Catholic church for making things up as they go along to suit themselves. Bloody religion.