Jihadi reactions to Obama

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. Via Abu Muqawama Jihadi reactions to Obama
    Actually I'm surprised they weren't more agitated.

    Barry offered nothing new really, his line on Israeli squats is close to what Colin Powell said publicly and even ardent Bushies were saying privately. Bush had already made a two state solution US policy, he was just disinclined to complain about Tel Aviv's habitual foot dragging. What we had here was a more elegant rhetorical line selling very similar policies and the dubious idea that DC was misunderstood by many in the Muslim world rather than being at odds with their culture.

    Barry's clearly eager to cultivate the near enemy. Bowing and scraping before the Saudi royalty. He said of Hosni Mubarak "I very much look forward in the months and years to come to continue to consult the president,". He wasn't pushing freedoms march much which won't please the Brotherhood.

    The Takfiri hate the idea of a Palestinian state or even a Hamas style long Hudna. Israel has traditionally been a great aid to recruitment and unifier within the the diverse world of the Umma. Not that President Barry is actually likely to achieve much but a rift is looming with Bibi. If the great far enemy is seen to put a little distance between itself and the Israeli far right that's not good for the beards business.

    Recent polling in Egypt puts a US withdrawal from Iraq well above nationhood for the Pals in the Arab streets desires. Obama is likely to deliver something that at least looks like that within a few years. Again not good for motivating bone headed Saudi human ordinance. They'll now have their hopes pinned on the much more distant Pashtun war.
  2. And then there's the Israelis...

    In AT Obama lays his Likud trap by Ian Williams
    This "trap" is primarily a Likud construction and it's already been sprung.

    It's very clear that Bibi gags at the thought of Pal nationhood. Lieberman would have a greater Israel with the Pals cleansed from the electorate. Arad wants "Judea and Samaria" just not the Pals. Bush's twin state solution for these guys was never more than an easily stalled, time wasting distraction for Goyim useful idiots. They are right in at least that.

    But I fear Barry O is eloquently putting his head in another snare.

    In the NYRB Obama and the Middle East by Hussein Agha, Robert Malley