Jihad Walt

Abu Bin Golden

Big knife, bigger attitude. His threats could be taken seriously until one sees he has a pair of nunchukas hanging off his webbing.

Obviously this was a video shot on a crafty fag break round the back of the tent.

Picture the scene:

Abu Bin CSM: Oi you, yes you stand still. What in allah's name is that on your belt?
Abu bin Golden: It's a knife innit, man. for the infidel like and stuff.
Abu Bin CSM: Was it on your packing list?
Abu bin Golden: er no.
Abu Bin CSM: and what infidel contraption is hanging off your webbing?
Abu bin Golden: Er Nunchuks, so I can get all like bruce lee on the kafir and infidel.
Abu Bin CSM: [Silence]
Abu bin Golden: Well, it's like anything goes man, Jihad......
Abu Bin CSM: [sweet light voice rising in cresecendo to scream] and which part of the arrival brief about not going to abu bin Silvermans to waste money on crap did we not understand?....

[Cue diuerse alarums etc and Abu Bin Golden being backsquadded to the remedial Jihad Y list]
I give it a weak before he's being bum raped in an afgan prison with the CIA types taping it to how his mummy!

He deserves to be fooked up big time.

AH is spinning in his graves!
I can't shoot him... he's gorgeous!!!


Book Reviewer
I've got a mental image of him berating squaddies at the gate of Bastion and larging it up, and just as he pulls the metaphorical bin over . . . . .
I think thats a picture of Taz_786, arrse's own jihad walt.
Any of you lot scared?
Britain’s Army commander, General Sir David Richards, has sounded the alarm over any possibility of losing the war in Afghanistan to men like Askar.
He said: ‘Failure would have a catalytic effect on militant Islam because the message would be that al-Qaeda has defeated the most powerful alliance in the world.’
Nice to read that after all the defeatist sh1te that's usually spouted.
I has lost my fork and my racing spoon
vvaannmmaann said:
In the second piccie it says he's holding an AK47,is that correct?
RPK without the bipod


It's obviously bollocks. This bloke was the waiter at a balti place in Shrewsbury, last night. The sharpest thing he was carrying was the edge of a tray of chutney.

I want to speak to him about the change from the £40 I gave him..........the ter-wat owes me £2.17

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