Jihad Seeker's Allowance

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Ignoring.

    Already being done.

    I'm even going to be as lazy as you and not post a link to it.
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  2. Shinners used to call it rent. Just an idle way for lazy gits to say they are doing their bit for the Cause".
  3. I like Choudary, I don't get all the hate and disrespect being directed at him. He is very different to a lot of Muslims, he is very honest, open and he tells it how it is. He wasn't always a pious Muslim, there are many photos of him, smoking, drinking alcohol, looking at porn mags and smoking what appears to be drugs.

    He also defended Ed Hussain, author of the book The Islamist, as he is a qualified lawyer. Although he has since been debarred from the profession. He says what most Muslims think, but are too clever to say publicly. When you listen to Choudary, know that this is what most Muslims are taught and think, but won't say it to your face.

    I may not agree with his views, but I admire him for his honesty.
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  4. Let's send a priest over to Pakistan to gob off like him see how he gets treated.

    ******* preachy ******** that's all he is. Nothing more. Why are you blowing smoke up his arse?
  5. The Pope's got nothing on from the end of Feb.
  6. That would be like "the long walk" from judge dredd :)
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  7. Why are you getting worked up about him? Do you get worked up about the other 3 million Muslims who want sharia law, but won't say it to your face?

    I bet you don't get worked up about the other Muslims who do cash in hand jobs and claim the dole? Tell me, how many jobs do you know that pay cash in hand these days? I'll tell you two, that still do, taxi drivers and fast food take-aways. Take a minute to think who works in those type of jobs.

    Stop complaining about one man, who is honest enough to tell you what he is doing. Worry about the other 3 million Muslims who are keeping quiet.
  8. Not to mention a real test of faith. But if it's like the Long Walk then he'll need a weapon to judge the infidels won't he? This could be more fun than I thought.
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  9. Hmm like a Gatling Gun with belts of crucifixes...
  10. Ketchup.. I don't like you.

    Stop trying to sensationalise something and get bites.

    I like talking about Judge Pope by the way!
  11. I feel really sorry for Mr Chodry, it must be so terrible for him, feeding his seething hatred all day, going to bed hating, dreaming hatred and waking up each morning full of hate, and flying into a raging fit of screaming hatred when his hated British Taxpayer Funded Giro drops through the letter box of Hate Towers, poor man, it would be a mercy to simply deport him to Hatistan.
  12. "He went on to tell a 30-strong crowd"

    **** me, it's like the Nuremberg Rally all over again!
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  13. Hardly breaking news that most 'extremists' against Westerners are only interested in what they can screw from the system for what it's worth & do very little to even earn it (and laugh in the face of it too).

    Blame the system not the Individual who has the brass neck (and honesty in others view) to make it public knowledge what their doing with the JA. No different to the chav JK daytime watchers and their Cider & fags culture.

    As for honesty, well if he's that honest he can get on the first plane out of the Country & return all funds back!