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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PadsBrat, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone who or what office a civilian in the Moenchengladbach area might be best contacting to get permission to take photos of non sensitive areas of Rheindahlen for publication?

    They want pics of the deserted areas as it slowly shuts down. Nothing military, just building and areas that look "British".
    (Shrugs shoulders).... I'm just the messenger, that's what they asked!
  2. I have posted in other area's of this site, I am an ex RAF , staioned at jhq in the 1960's, when the camp was
    full of All NATO, troops, the RAF and The British Army back then were about equal in numbers, There is a site that is still running, and has many pictures of that time, around the camp.
    Also, two of us oldies, went back in this year ( 2013) ,for the closing down ceremony, and took about 200 pictures around the camp, which will "in time" appear on the same site,
    Queensway Club Survivors
  3. I am ex RAF , stationed at jhq in the 1960's, we have a site that has many pics of that time around the camp,
    At that time there were equal numbers of RAF and ARMY stationed there. I, and another ex RAF guy, went back there This year (2013),for the closing ceremony, and took about 200 pictures, which in time, will also appear on the site.

    Queensway Club Survivors