Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by combatintman, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Right - I am fcuking p1ssed off and because I'm deploying in a short while and I know that the powers that be read this so I'm ranting here rather than in the office and also following the CGS line just to see how much support my views have.

    What's it about - NAAFI vendors in JHQ a new service (or as we oldsters know - a reintroduced service). Why the rant - apparently we are going to have to supply a duty 'Vendor Vigilante' along with every other unit in JHQ - as we oldsters know this was never a duty that was required then.

    So let's break this down:

    1. NAAFI never consulted anybody on this.

    2. I thought the formation of the MPGS and GGS was to get soldiers away from routine duties (retention I think - heard of it?).

    3. NAAFI already benefits from GGS and AGC (RMP) security/crime prevention patrolling at no cost to itself.

    4. There is nothing in 1 MI Bn's (or I suspect any other unit on garrison) mission statement that says we are to protect NAAFI's assets.

    5. The Sparkasse (or insert the name of any other business on camp) have never had the neck to provide out of hours protection.

    6. .....So can somebody please tell me what gives the NAAFI the fcuking right to demand that soldiers in 1 MI and every other unit on camp do an overnight duty to stop vending machines being robber/vandalised.

    7. Final point - how do I justify this duty to my troops? I know the answer already - I can't so why should I even have to entertain this?

    I will accept this on one basis alone - we charge for the service - the soldier's wages for the time on duty and the day after - all to be paid direct to the individual.

    So my message to HQ RASU via the Chain of Command is - tell NAAFI to fcuking poke this nonsense of a duty up the place where the sun don't shine.

    Anyone with me on this?
  2. Er... whaaat?!

    I managed to get from your post that NAAFI have asked for a JHQ duty bod to patrol the .. what.. naafi? Last time I was there, there were no vendors anywhere. If now they have soem and RASU have demanded that people be provided to provide sy for their establishment, then that's a bit bollerks imho. Surely that's what RMP patrols are for... at least thats what they do in other camps. Do elaborate...
  3. I entirely agree, but calm down dear it's only a duty! This is the time when CO and RSM 1 MI should start earning their wages. Tell whoever in RSU at both their levels to poke off and make a stand. If you can't deflect the sh!t off the blokes at their level then what's the point of staying in?
  4. Get on outside and have a wee chat with your self..... If your whinging about the duty then I assume your an NCO? well earn the rank!

    So what gives the idiots the right to trash the machines and nick the pies?

    Don’t want the duty? Simple answer, remove the cause, find the twats that are wrecking the vendors and grip em..... Rumour has it an MGB Carrying Handle is perfect for the job.... or a bridge pin, but that might be a bit harsh.
  5. Canteen Cowboy by a different name....... seems a bit pointless to be guarding week old sarnies and the last pork pie on a Friday night. The vendors in a past unit of mine had a security camera on it 24/7 VCR'd... cheap and easy solution .... No? Had some priceless sights on it ... (cue local 'lady' bent over fixed tables... but thats another story!)
  6. Oh yeah .... and the only feckers we ever found trying it on in the vendors were the local PADS BRATS.......!!
  7. Its hidden in the intro - they both read this and I know the razzer ain't happy - I deploy next week and this is the non JSP-101 version of the e-mail that he'd have got. Trust me the bosses are earning their money - I'm just supplying the ammo.
  8. No I'm not an NCO - point 7 refers - the rank I hold I feel I'm earning because I'm sticking up for my blokes rather than being fcuking spineless and sticking it to them.

    With regard to those wrecking the vendors - hasn't happened (so why the duty?).
  9. MI Bn in NAAFI vending machine guard rumpus!!

    Found yourself a niche then lads!

    Stag on.
  10. You, my friend, appear to be a rare beast. I am slightly troubled that if the management agree with your point of view that it has to be raised here.

    Either the 2 guys in charge stop this, or the Bn gets fcuked over whenever some tosser in a glorified HQ decides it is appropriate.
  11. There are vandal proof vending machines. We had them in 7 Sigs North camp NAAFI in 1987 ffs. Sounds like they (naafi) are taking the pi55. We even had 2 virtually vandal proof microwaves to heat your growlers aswell. The only time it was shut as I can remember was a weeks punishment (?) after some wag microwaved a live pidgeon & blew the door off one of the ovens. There was still blood & feathers on the wall & cieling for weeks after. Back in the old (old,old, before my time ,old ) days guarding your non profit making" only doing this for the troops" naafi was a worth while duty. Nowadays naafi "PLC" can shove it up thier arrse & I dont blame any young soldier feeling aggreived.

  12. I remember those.... busted more times than working and the micros always nuked the pies beyond help....
  13. Its a question of timing - found this out yesterday as did the hierarchy - deploy on Tuesday - what do I do in between - work ain't top of the list right now.
  14. 1. I Though NAAFI had their own PS department, are NAAFI not the risk owner?
    2. Have they considered all options:

    It seems they have transferred the risk to the military, how about a bit of NAAFI and PRI money to set up some decent CCTV on the vendors, linked to the RMP perhaps?

    3. Interesting to know if the Intelligence Corps the only people having to guard the vendors, or is it a community wide scheme? If this is a "community wide" effort, pray what separates you from the rest of JHQ?

    You have already had a big hint, being an NCO is about being able to manageup as well as down.

    4. In the end market forces should apply, my advice: bin the vending machines
  15. Interesting conundrum. The days of Canteen Cowboy are well over. The NAAFI is now afully functioning profit grabbing organisation. From that POV they have no mre right to ask for security than the Pizza place or O'Gikes. The COC should tell them to stick it up their arrse. There are Security Organisations in JHQ manning the VCPs. If they can't do it, why should the military pick it up. And are the NAAFI paying the miltary for this duty? It is beholden upon the NAAFI to provide security if they are taking the risk.

    Fcuk the NAAFI.