Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by digimon, Jan 25, 2003.

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  1. (No Ambition And F**k all Interest)

    I know the Royal Corp is renowned for looking at life from a slightly different view point, but is it only me that thinks the JHQ NAAFI is the worst shopping facility on this planet?

    On an average Saturday you will find the shop full of 16 year old assistants filling up the shelves - and blocking the aisles so that no customers can get through.  None of the staff are old enough to sell you alcohol.  The assistant who served me today was obviously a fan of Harry Enfield as she launched each item of my shopping down the conveyor belt straight into the previous customer's shopping.  It doesn't take the brains of an archbishop to let one person finish before chucking down the next load of groceries.  And, of course, there are the lovely pierced eyebrows and noses all discreetly (not!) covered up with bright blue plasters. It is only with the aid of a magnet, that you can tell which part of their face is metal and which is spot.  SMELL, One lad today was blocking the way for all as he replenished the freezer, smelt as if he had invented BO and wasn't going to relinquish the crown to anybody. How this individual managed to get a job in the retail business is a mystery, someone please tell him he stinks and put him in a regi bath, but for f**k sake don't let him handle food.

    I have more to say on the subject but wait to see if I am in the minority.

    P.S (just in case you were thinking)Yes it would be better if it was a small kiosk selling cheap beer and fags, while everything else is purchased from a REAL shop.
  2. Think you set your 'stall' out quite clearly there
  3. No Amenities And Fcuk all Improvement.


    I am glad JHQ NAAFI  have listened to the customers as this sounds a great deal better than when I last visited  ???
  4. Anyone noticed how in the NAAFI, when they do put a new product on the shelves, and the punters like it.

    In a civvy shop, the manager thinks "That sold well, I'll get some more of that!"

    In NAAFI some numpty says "Now that shelf is empty we can put some of the old stock out!"

    Something about a captive audience I think?
  5. Still JHQ NAAFI is hell of a lot better that the one on Javelin Bks, i would rather gloat at 18yr olds than 40 - 50 year olds down at Bruggen  ;D
  6. I don't no what your complaining about.

    Try shopping at the supposidly "tax free" supermarket on shape.

    Granted beer is cheap  :)  ;)  :D , but the ration store is cheaper.

    For example a 6 rasher packet of Irish bacon was proced at 7 bloody EUROS, That's something like 4 QUID

    What is the world coming to.

    I would rather travel to JHQ each weekend to shop but we have been told that to do it we must have TDY papers. What makes it worse is we can't even use the american PX down the road. :'(

    Why can't my LOA go up to meet with this extortion
  7. i know where your coming from on that one !!! i was in afcent a few years ago and it was the same, thats why i dont complain about the over priced naafi, but the prices are rediculous   :-/
  8. All NAAFI's have the captive audience, and boy do they make the most of it.

    They didn,t launch my shopping into orbit last week, so I wonder if we are getting through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-/
  9. Did it ever occur to you to make  a complaint to the Manager of the store?

    I've shoped in JHQ, and on the whole I think it is a great shop. I've lived "overseas" for the best part of 8 years of my 11 years of married life and frankly Naafi have improved in leaps and bound from just 5 years ago.

    I overheard two young men using foul language on the shop floor two weeks ago, and I told them off. They were dutifully shamefaced at the time, but better still, a week or so later, one of them aproached me in the shop and apologised again. Clearly, a direct aproach worked.

    Have you made use of the Naafi Customer Relations Meetings to air your grievences
  10. whitehall, were you ever a school headmistress??? do you like telling little boys off, or do you prefer to punish them  ;D
    it appears youve led a sheltered life if all is great with the naafi, HMMMM your not into ron hills and stilletos are you ??  ;D   :-*
  11. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    At least you can use the naafi we have been stopped (in belguim) as our extra 67 pence a day offsets the additional cost of shopping localy here - how freakin petty- :-[
  12. deep, what extra 67 pence????

    are u in shape  ??
  13. WhiteHall_Wales

    No never thought of that, what a clever idea, complain to the management.

    You do know you are reading the Signals Fourm and not the Arty plank post?

    YES YES and YES again.

    SF the manager I talked to about why a fresh veg product was 100% more expensive than a local store (that day) gave the answer "Well that's what my supplier charges" and walked away (full stop) I originally asked if it was accidently marked in DM's

    I  have SERVED "overseas" for more than 13 years and still believe that the NAAFI is firmly based around an episode of "Open all hours" but missing all of the comedy.

    I am glad you feel secure in reprimanding the rueful staff and have no fear of what part of your car will be damaged. My last encounter with a rueful member of NAAFI, was to sign the Skin head thug out of the JHQ police station at 4 in the morning so he could go home to his daddy, and yes he was crying like a baby.

    Poor Shop
    Poor Service
    Poor Staff
    Premium Price

    You set your sights far far far too low.
  14. Did I hear someone say the produce was FRESH?????

    The introduction of Tesco products was hailed as a godsend - but due to the foot and mouth outbreak, and ensuing restrictions on the distribution of certain foodstuffs (don't know exactly - but I guess, most meets, dairy products (probably) etc etc) we were left with Tesco brand dried goods. Hmph. Isn't this exactly what Spar had previously provided?

    Anyway, that aside. My gripe is the vegetables. They used to be bad enough, but at least they hadn't travelled twice around the world by the time they reached us. Most of the time we were buying German (or other Euro) fruit and veg from the Naafi. Things didn't last long, but that's because everything grown over here tends to be organic, and therefore not pumped full of preserving chemicals.

    So what did the Naafi then do to us? Starting selling Tesco fruit and veg. erm, hello? Something grown in, say, Kenya (mange tout?), shipped to UK for packaging and then shipped out to us by Eddie Stobart, only to be kept in the back shop until there's a space on the shelves? Yeah, I mean, it's not organic so it might last longer, but what a waste of air miles. Wasn't there some activist group a few years back encouraging us to eat foodstuffs which hadn't been around the world to get to us (implication being that the air-travel to "ship" it was poluting the environment).

    It really doesn't make any sense at all. I mean - onions. Onions are just onions. I don't really care if they are British. I do care that I'm charged five times the price of them in the UK, by NAAFI. no joke. Two onions, in a bag, on the scales - 2 Euros!!!!! What a joke. 12 pence in my local Tesco.

    It's disgusting. I used to stick up for NAAFI. They are doing a thankless task, but someone has to do it (and unless they GIVE the business away to Tesco, they are likely to continue). Considering Safeways and Sainsbury's all declined to respond to the invitation to tender for supply of goods to NAAFI.

    Unfortunately, after having shopped quite happily over the border in Holland for a while, on a trip one day last year I found my local "decent" supermarket there had closed down - completely! Bit of a strange situation out here - German and Dutch shops tend to be either small supermarkets or huge hypermarkets..... no sorta Tesco style / size in between.

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy (certain aspects of) living here, and I am perfectly willing and happy to integrate into the local community and way of life. But there are certain home comforts we all look for (ie UK goods). I used to maintain that Naafi charged extra for us to enjoy this luxury.

    Then I went to work for them..........

    Sorry, not much point to the rant above..... just lots of little niggles - but I feel much better for it!
  15. well done wire.....

    i think you covered all the points there !!!  ;D

    so everyone read the points   ;)