JHQ Monopoly Game

The Afghan Appeal Fund scores a hat-trick!

In 2007, we brought you the British Army Top Trumps pack, in 2008 it was ‘My Daddy is a Soldier” and now for 2009 the Afghan Appeal Fund introduces a unique product to commemorate a bit of history. As the British presence in Germany west of the Rhine winds down, The Afghan Appeal Fund’s JHQ Monopoly Game features the streets and schools you know so well. From Beresford Road through Auckland, Londonderry and Roxburgh to Foster and Cheshire Houses, we bring the Monopoly board to BFG. With the classic game-play, familiar boot, top-hat and battleship pieces and new street names to represent our very own community, what better game to play this Christmas?

we're raffling this specially commissioned and utterly unique game to raise money for educational and medical projects in Afghanistan.

Each ticket costs £1 online at http://afghanappealfund.org.uk/?page_id=253. You will be sent a confirmation email with your raffle ticket number(s).

If you are not successful this Christmas then watch out for a second chance to win a game in 2010 when we will be holding a real life Monopoly game on JHQ!

This is a fantastic prize - the set comes in a beautifully presented metal box with wooden houses and hotels, and nice traditional metal counters.

Draw to take place on Dec 16th 2009. Winner will be notified by email.


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