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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lumpy, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Right..

    On a 2 week visit to JHQ very shortly....

    I've tried searching for a map of the area, showing local attractions and hotspots, but cant find anything on the internet. Does anyone have a map from when they've been posted that they could send me a link to?

    Is there anywhere in the local area that you'd reccommend as worth a visit?

    Also, are we entitled to shop at the American AAFES shop? Or do we have to be taken in there as a guest....

    Any help would be welcome....

  2. When I was in JHQ last year it was OK to shop in the PX (things may have changed though).
    However, visitors were not allowed to shop in the NAAFI without a shopping permit even in uniform and with a MOD90!! So get a shopping permit issued from whoever is sponsoring your visit or you won't even be able to buy a newspaper or a cup of coffee.
  3. Get your ass down the strip in Monchengladbach and sample the delights that the Gravel pit has to offer or alternatively get a taxi to take you to club 35 or Cherrys!
  4. Mate, better idea,

    You come do IT support in london and i will go for you...

    i promise to tell you what i got up to.

    Been 14 years since i was there.... still miss it.

  5. Of course the Gravel Pit is OOB to the majority of those stationed at JHQ. I've never been, honest...
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  7. Strictly true but if you are food shopping the orrible oik on the till rarely asks for the permit unless you have restricted items like alcohol. I live in Holland and shop regularly their for me lux items, (cant believe that we are barred- a tax issue i believe with das reich and clogsville) I cant get hear. You will however get asked in the electricals etc for your permit.

    As far as the px- aafes is concerned - its the size of a corner shop and utterly crap unless you want a bbq or dental, hygiene stuff.
  8. Thanks for the replies so far...

    I've looked at Multimap, but it only shows streets, and not features on the ground. The type of map I'm after is more the type that would be given to someone who's just been posted in, showing local facilities....

  9. Go to the HIVE when you arrive - or phone them and ask them to send you their welcome to JHQ pack - usually has list of places to go, eat and drink etc enclosed!

  10. I was last there a couple of months ago. In addition to the ID/ration card checks by NAAFI staff the Garrison occasionally does checks on the door as well. However, the NAAFI really doesn't have much you'd want to buy. AAFES PX very occasionally ask for ID, but are happy with a MOD 90. The shop is bigger than it used to be; cheap jeans and Gerbers but that's about it. The Dutch PX was always good for electronics, CDs and luggage, but they always ask for ID.

    In the local area, the Am Fuchsbau still serves fantastic halbe hahnchen (I first went in 81!); it's universally known as the Foxy and isn't far from the base. The little pizza restaurant on JHQ remains superb. The 'street of a 1000 bars' in MGB is a shadow of its former self and not really worth visiting now. Otherwise it's the usual schnellies, Argentinian steak restaurants and pizza places. Dusseldorf is the place for a top night out - one of the best altstadt areas in Germany.
  11. Try the Balkan land restaurant in Hardt if you get the chance, its not that far from the camp. Chicken in the Woods is ok too if you fancy a nice chicken and chips and few beers and again its not too far from camp.
    Duss has already been mentioned but Venlo just over the border in Holland is quite good too, last time I went it was 45 euros in a taxi between four of you that isnt too bad, I think Duss was about the same too. If you just want to stay on camp, dont go to the Marly (NAAFI), try the sports and social instead.
  12. The Brüggener Mühle in Brüggen used to be quite a good restaurant if you´re in suitable company. Don´t know about these days though. As to the other comments, I`ll second Viro ref Duss and Mag to grid ref Venlo. Mind you Amsterdam isn´t THAT far away via train and that´s always good for a laugh :cheers:

    ViroBono, if you were in JHQ in ´81, you must remember Pops & Eddies. What a couple of "class" joints. :lol:
  13. Fuchsbau is the same place as Chicken in the Woods. Great cold beer and the best fried chicken in the world!
  14. I can recommend La Forcetta, a very posh Italian place next to Lidl in Rheindahlen village. Or for those with a more continental taste, TuschenbroicherMuhle on the S/E of the Wegberg ringroad is one of the classiest places I've ever had the pleasure to dine in.